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Ability Difficulty Level 3 Cost Obtained From
Stamina E Stam +80 $200 Ability Kit
Speed D Sped +40 $300 Student (1st Gift)
Dexterity E Dex +40 $200 Ability Kit
Intensity D Inten +40 $300 Ability Kit
Strength E Strg +50 $200 Plum Stakes Race
Temper E Tmpr +40 $200 Part Timer (2nd Gift)
Grass D Gras +8 $300 Office Clerk (2nd Gift)
Dirt D Dirt +8 $300 Office Clerk (1st Gift)
Stamina II D Stam +200 $400 Broker (1st Gift)
Speed II B Sped +100 $700 Mane Stylist (2nd Gift)
Dexterity II C Dex +100 $600 Princess Cup Race
Intensity II B Inten +100 $700 Poet (1st Gift)
Strength II D Strg +100 $400 Gentleman (1st Gift)
Temper II D Tmpr +80 $400 Oil Magnate (2nd Gift)
Gate II D Gate +100 $400 Pines Memorial Race
Grass II C Gras +20 $500 Fashionista (1st Gift)
Dirt II C Dirt +20 $500 Street Fighter (2nd Gift)
Form Assist C Sped +30, Inten +30 $500 Diamond Stakes Race
Drag Racer D Sped -40, Stam +60, Tmpr +50 $400 Mn. Racehorse Race
Behind C Behind 3 $500 Poet (2nd Gift)
Behind II A Behind 6 $900 Gentleman (2nd Gift)
Starter D Starter 3 $400 Shepherd (1st Gift)
Starter II B Starter 6 $800 Horse Owner (2nd Gift)

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