Shiny Ski Resort Guide

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The ones which have been obtained are marked with a star in the upper left corner of the icon.

For example:

Unearned achievement (Shiny Ski Resort) to A17 (Shiny Ski Resort)


No. Name Unlocked
A1 (Shiny Ski Resort) 1 First Research Research a product.
A1 (Shiny Ski Resort) 2 Novice Researcher Research five products.
A1 (Shiny Ski Resort) 3 Adept Researcher Research 10 products.
A1 (Shiny Ski Resort) 4 Veteran Researcher Research 15 products.
A5 (Shiny Ski Resort) 5 Pro Researcher Research 20 products.
A5 (Shiny Ski Resort) 6 Very Pro Researcher Research 25 products.
A5 (Shiny Ski Resort) 7 Extra Pro Resercher Research 30 products.
A8 (Shiny Ski Resort) 8 Inventor Research 35 products.
A8 (Shiny Ski Resort) 9 Super Inventor Research 40 products.
A8 (Shiny Ski Resort) 10 Extra Inventor Research 45 products.
A11 (Shiny Ski Resort) 11 Professor Research 50 products.
A11 (Shiny Ski Resort) 12 Mega Professor Research 55 products.
A11 (Shiny Ski Resort) 13 Giga Professor Research 60 products.
A14 (Shiny Ski Resort) 14 Inventor King Research 65 products.
A14 (Shiny Ski Resort) 15 Mega Inventor King Research 70 products.
A14 (Shiny Ski Resort) 16 Giga Inventor King Research 75 products.
A17 (Shiny Ski Resort) 17 Kairosearcher Research 80 products.
A17 (Shiny Ski Resort) 18 Super Kairosearcher Research 85 products.
A17 (Shiny Ski Resort) 19 Extra Kairosearcher Research 90 products.
A17 (Shiny Ski Resort) 20 Mega Kairosearcher Research 95 products.
A17 (Shiny Ski Resort) 21 Giga Kairosearcher Research 100 products.
A17 (Shiny Ski Resort) 22 Silver Kairosearcher Research 105 products.
A17 (Shiny Ski Resort) 23 Gold Kairoresearcher Research 110 products.
A24 (Shiny Ski Resort) 24 Plat. Kairoresearcher Research 115 products.
A25 (Shiny Ski Resort) 25 Ult. Kairoresearcher Research 120 products.
A26 (Shiny Ski Resort) 26 Contest Rookie Win a contest.
A26 (Shiny Ski Resort) 27 Triple Winner Win Three contests.
A28 (Shiny Ski Resort) 28 Regular Winner Win six contests.
A28 (Shiny Ski Resort) 29 Rising Star Win nine contests.
A30 (Shiny Ski Resort) 30 Champion Win 12 contests.
A31 (Shiny Ski Resort) 31 Emperor Win 15 contests.
A32 (Shiny Ski Resort) 32 Legend Win 18 contests.
A33 (Shiny Ski Resort) 33 Overload Win all contests.
A34 (Shiny Ski Resort) 34 Tourist Draw Max Friendliness with Dream Tours.
A35 (Shiny Ski Resort) 35 Sweet Dreams Max Friendliness with G'night Beds.
A36 (Shiny Ski Resort) 36 Perfect Holidays Max Friendliness with Travel Mag.
A37 (Shiny Ski Resort) 37 Ski Stockist Max Friendliness with Skis & More Store.
A38 (Shiny Ski Resort) 38 Board Stockist Max Friendliness with SNO-Board Superstore.
A39 (Shiny Ski Resort) 39 Sled Stockist Max Friendliness with Outdoors Generation.
A40 (Shiny Ski Resort) 40 Local Hit Max Friendliness with The Den.
A41 (Shiny Ski Resort) 41 Students' Fave Max Friendliness with the School Ski Club.
A42 (Shiny Ski Resort) 42 Snowman Lover Max Friendliness with SPC.
A43 (Shiny Ski Resort) 43 Fashion Icon Max Friendliness with Polar Bear Fashion.
A44 (Shiny Ski Resort) 44 Yeti?! Max Friendliness with Yeti Squad.
A45 (Shiny Ski Resort) 45 Santa's Helper

Max Friendliness with Santa.

A46 (Shiny Ski Resort) 46 Farm Friend Max Friendliness with Clover Farm.
A47 (Shiny Ski Resort) 47 Cherry on Top Max Friendliness with Sakura Shrine.
A48 (Shiny Ski Resort) 48 Agritourism Max Friendliness with Agriculture Services.
A49 (Shiny Ski Resort) 49 Mayor and Me Max Friendliness with the town mayor.
A50 (Shiny Ski Resort) 50 Star Gazer Max Friendliness with the Observatory.
A51 (Shiny Ski Resort) 51 Novice builder Develop land for the first time.
A51 (Shiny Ski Resort) 52 Adept builder Develop land ten times.
A51 (Shiny Ski Resort) 53 Veteran builder Develop land 20 times.
A51 (Shiny Ski Resort) 54 Pro builder Develop land 30 times.
A55 (Shiny Ski Resort) 55 Mattock Knight Develop land 40 times.
A55 (Shiny Ski Resort) 56 Mattock Master Develop land 50 times.
A55 (Shiny Ski Resort) 57 Mattock Hero Develop land 60 times.
A58 (Shiny Ski Resort) 58 Excavator Knight Develop land 70 times.
A58 (Shiny Ski Resort) 59 Excavator Master Develop land 80 times.
A58 (Shiny Ski Resort) 60 Excavator Hero Develop land 90 times.
A61 (Shiny Ski Resort) 61 Drill Knight Develop land 100 times.
A61 (Shiny Ski Resort) 62 Drill Master Develop land 110 times.
A61 (Shiny Ski Resort) 63 Drill Hero Develop land 120 times.
A64 (Shiny Ski Resort) 64 Landscaper Develop land 130 times.
A64 (Shiny Ski Resort) 65 Mega Landscaper Develop land 140 times.
A64 (Shiny Ski Resort) 66 Giga Landscaper Develop land 150 times.
A67 (Shiny Ski Resort) 67 Ult. developer Develop the whole mountain.
A68 (Shiny Ski Resort) 68 Little Resort Get ten different guests.
A69 (Shiny Ski Resort) 69 Nice Resort Get 20 different guests.
A69 (Shiny Ski Resort) 70 Popular Resort Get 30 different guests.
A71 (Shiny Ski Resort) 71 Tourist Trap Get 40 different guests.
A71 (Shiny Ski Resort) 72 Famous Resort Get 50 different guests.
A73 (Shiny Ski Resort) 73 Amazing Resort Get 60 different guests.
A73 (Shiny Ski Resort) 74 Super Resort Get 70 different guests.
A75 (Shiny Ski Resort) 75 Mega Resort Get 80 different guests.
A76 (Shiny Ski Resort) 76 Giga Resort Get 90 different guests.
A77 (Shiny Ski Resort) 77 Ultimate Ski Resort Get every single guest.
A78 (Shiny Ski Resort) 78 Well-Off Earn 100,000G.
A78 (Shiny Ski Resort) 79 Deep Pockets Earn 300,000G.
A78 (Shiny Ski Resort) 80 Big Fish Earn 500,000G.
A81 (Shiny Ski Resort) 81 Well-Heeled Earn 800,000G.
A81 (Shiny Ski Resort) 82 Milionaire Earn 1,000,000G.
A83 (Shiny Ski Resort) 83 Multi-Milionaire Earn 3,000,000G.
A83 (Shiny Ski Resort) 84 Made of Money Earn 5,000,000G.
A85 (Shiny Ski Resort) 85 Worth a Bundle Earn 8,000,000G.
A85 (Shiny Ski Resort) 86 So Many Zeroes Earn 10,000,000G.
A87 (Shiny Ski Resort) 87 Magnate Earn 30,000,000G.
A87 (Shiny Ski Resort) 88 Tycoon Earn 50,000,000G.
A89 (Shiny Ski Resort) 89 Rolling in it Earn 80,000,000G.
A89 (Shiny Ski Resort) 90 Flithy Rich Earn 100,000,000G.
A91 (Shiny Ski Resort) 91 Novice Hotelier Expand the hotel for the first time.
A91 (Shiny Ski Resort) 92 Adept Hotelier Expand the hotel some more.
A91 (Shiny Ski Resort) 93 Veteran Hotelier Expand the hotel even more.
A91 (Shiny Ski Resort) 94 Master Hotelier Expand the hotel a lot.
A91 (Shiny Ski Resort) 95 Amazing Hotelier Expand the hotel an awful lot.
A91 (Shiny Ski Resort) 96 Ultimate Hotelier Expand the hotel as far as possible.
A97 (Shiny Ski Resort) 97 Local Resort Reach Rank 2.
A97 (Shiny Ski Resort) 98 Medium Resort Reach Rank 3.
A99 (Shiny Ski Resort) 99 Big Resort Reach Rank 4.
A100 (Shiny Ski Resort) 100 Expansive Resort Reach Rank 5.
A101 (Shiny Ski Resort) 101 Splendid Resort Reach Rank 6.
A102 (Shiny Ski Resort) 102 Marvelous Resort Reach Rank 7.
A103 (Shiny Ski Resort) 103 Ultimate Resort Reach Rank 8.
A104 (Shiny Ski Resort) 104 Alpine Snack Make five food products.
A104 (Shiny Ski Resort) 105 Alpine Meal Make 15 food products.
A106 (Shiny Ski Resort) 106 Alpine Eatery Make 25 food products.
A106 (Shiny Ski Resort) 107 Alpine Diner Make 35 food products.
A108 (Shiny Ski Resort) 108 Alpine Foodie Make 45 food products.
A108 (Shiny Ski Resort) 109 Alpine Gourmet Make 55 food products.
A110 (Shiny Ski Resort) 110 Alpine Chef Make 65 food products.
A112-2 (Shiny Ski Resort) 111 Alpine Banquet Make 75 food products.
A112-2 (Shiny Ski Resort) 112 Alpine Feast Make 85 food products.
A113 (Shiny Ski Resort) 113 Superfood Make 95 food products.
A114 (Shiny Ski Resort) 114 Foodmaster Make all the food products.
A115 (Shiny Ski Resort) 115 It's a Combo! Discover a Combo.
A115 (Shiny Ski Resort) 116 Good Placement Discover three Combos.
A117 (Shiny Ski Resort) 117 Combo Detective Discover six Combos.
A117 (Shiny Ski Resort) 118 Excellent Planner Discover nine Combos.
A119 (Shiny Ski Resort) 119 Tactician Discover 12 Combos.
A119 (Shiny Ski Resort) 120 Strategist Discover 16 Combos.
A121 (Shiny Ski Resort) 121 Combo Juggler Discover 18 Combos.
A121 (Shiny Ski Resort) 122 Combo Virtuoso Discover 21 Combos.
A123 (Shiny Ski Resort) 123 Combo Pro Discover 24 Combos.
A124 (Shiny Ski Resort) 124 Combo King Discover 27 Combos.
A125 (Shiny Ski Resort) 125 Combo Visionary Discover all Combos.
A126 (Shiny Ski Resort) 126 Snowboarder Offer snowboard rental services.
A127 (Shiny Ski Resort) 127 Sledder Offer sled rental services.
A128 (Shiny Ski Resort) 128 Monkey Time Find Chimpan Z.
A129 (Shiny Ski Resort) 129 Robot Time Find Kairobot.

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