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There are 12 methods of advertising at all. Some of methods may initially available then each studio upgrade from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 will give you more option.


Name Description Cost ($) Unlock By
Theme Park Boosts global rep. 5,000
Team Sponsor Boosts national rep. 3,000
Portal Site Joint promo with a web portal. 2,000
Blimp Ads Hey there, blimpy boy! 1,500
Bus Decor Will make people look twice. 1,000
TV Ads Appeal to the world at large. 600
Cosplay Goods Sell costumes to fans. 500
Costume Shows Appeal to kids & toy companies. 350
DVDs Hand out DVDs of your shows. 305
Street Advertisers Have them cosplay your character. 100
Anime Mag Put an ad in an anime magazine. 80
Flyers Hand out flyers to passerby. 50

Fan BaseEdit

When performing the advertising, your fan base may be changed.

There are 5 types of fan base:

  • Mainstream - Anime Studio Story Mainstream
  • Otaku - Anime Studio Story Otaku
  • TV Station - Anime Studio Story TV Station
  • Toy Company - Anime Studio Story Toy Company
  • Fans Abroad - Anime Studio Story Fans Abroad



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