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Name Trophy Description Prize ($)
Visuals Award Anime Studio Story - Visuals Award An award given to shows with exceptional visuals. 100
Sound Award Sound Award Trophy - Anime Studio Story An award given to shows with exceptional music. 100
Runner Up Runner Up Trophy - Anime Studio Story An award given to shows that are very good. 500
Worst Show Anime Studio Story - Worst Show An honor bestowed on awful shows-the worst of the worst. 300 (Penalty instead of Prize)
Grand Prize An award given to the very best shows. 1,000

Anime EntriesEdit

Name Name Reference
QT Honey Cutie Honey
Space Jelly Space Jam
Pinenuts Peanuts
Chimp Town
Purple Jack Black Jack
Bugeye Popeye
Dr. Skunk Dr. Slump
Mac Man Pac Man
Tim & Larry Tom & Jerry
The Secretary
The Smorfs The Smurfs
Eye Catcher
Space Spirit
It's A Trap It's A Trap
Bottom Cat Top Cat
All Natural
Pokebone Pokemon
Mushroom Farm
Tiny Tunes Looney Tunes
Family Go! Teen Titans Go!
Say Uncle Uncle Grandpa
Jabba Law
Squeege Bob Spongebob
Invader Jim Invader Zim
Kamen Lighter Kamen Rider
G.I Jon G.I Joe
The Flea The Tick
Dooby Doo Scobby Doo
The Blimpsons The Simpsons
North Park South Park
Space Jelly Space Jam
Adventures Bros. Mario Bros.
Thunderdogs Thundercats
1,000 Piece One Piece
Perm Man
Basket Dunk Slam Dunk
Mushroom Farm 2
Panda Road
Goose Tales Duck Tale
Kairosoft Story
Goodbye Kairobot
Slow Racer Speed Racer
He-Guy He-man
Hey Arvid! Hey Arnold!

Special MessageEdit

Condition Message
Winning a Grand Prize Congratulations! We won the Grand Prize! We have to go back and tell everyone at the office!