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Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.


  • The description for the gold statue Says "a impressive bronze statue"
    • At year 30 and 50 when you are awarded additional statues, it refers to all of them as "bronze statues" despite the fact two of them are gold.
  • If a student goes in an area that can only be accessed with a boat / skis, they may occasionally get "stuck", often until the semester ends (although occasionally they will get unstuck themselves). Creating a way for the student(s) to get back across the water will usually make them move again.
  • Your event organizer (for spring / autumn events) can be offered to go on an invitation event, causing them to not be at school.
    • They might also change their clothes right after you ask them to be the event organizer.
      • That means there is a possible chance that no student body have changed and are ready to participate in a event.
  • When you unlocked skate, sometimes student can also travel on water when in tracksuit even though it's not winter, they use skateboard (not skate) or even by walking across water.
  • Right after an event ended, you may see some female students who are wearing blue tracksuit is using their movement items.
  • On ver 1.1.0, you may noticed the spelling error of 'specal' instead of 'special' when a student triggered a first aura after a special class.
  • On ver 1.1.0, a candidate teacher such as Jim Payne still have their Japanese name along with English name.
  • No matter which personality you choose for your named student, he or she is "average". (At least on the first map)
  • If you attempt to use a Devil Arrow on a student who does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the error message displays in Japanese.


  • If you fail a challenge, you can reload the game to reattempt it, as this game has no auto-save feature.

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