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You may create your character without use the same number. The character's appeal will increase as well as leveling up. You may get more merchandising offers.

You need to use only Designer for creating a character.

Top Anime CharacterEdit

Fave short for favorite. Only top 5 are listed. Also known as Character Faves.

There are 4 type:

  • Total Ranking
  • Dateability
  • Strongest Character
  • Popular with Kids

Getting on the list will increase the character's market value.

Character InfoEdit

The maximum level is 5.
Character Info - Anime Studio Story

When viewing, you may see the info of:

  • Name of Character
  • Level of Character
  • Recent Setting with Head and Body
  • Market Value
  • Courage
  • Humor
  • Amity
  • Cuteness
  • Oddness
  • Last Appearance

Default CharacterEdit

  • Pistol Paul
  • Judo Girl
  • Match Girl
  • Lil Georgie
  • Flute Man


  • Anime character popularity rankings are based on online surveys.
  • You may create a character up to 16 as well as available slots
  • You need to choose a character when the progress is 40% then 80% for screening with staff.