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Combos List Edit

Combos take effect when certain buildings are built next to each other. Once a combo has been built, it is registered under "Info/Combo List", which carries over between games.

Name Effect Structures
Brain Training Study (Home Run High) + 5 Calligraphy Room Abacus Classroom Language Lab
Vending Corner Fee + 50G Vending Machine Vending Machine
Flower Power Nature (Home Run High) + 5 Tulips Sunflower
Dining Area Fee + 50G Cafeteria Vending Machine Ice Cream Stand
Harvest Fest Study (Home Run High) + 2

Nature (Home Run High) + 5

Apple Tree Grape Pergola
Springtime Fun (Home Run High) + 5 Tulips Cherry Tree Portulaca
Quiet Spot Nature (Home Run High) + 6 Hydrangeas Azaleas Fountain
Furry Friends Study (Home Run High) +3

Sports (Home Run High) +3

Rabbit Hutch Bantam Coop Crocodile Tank
Oriental Corner Study (Home Run High) + 6 Calligraphy Room Abacus Classroom Tea Room
Silk Road Fee + 60G

Nature (Home Run High) + 6

Curry Store Fortuneteller Crocodile Tank
Chillout Fun (Home Run High) + 4

Nature (Home Run High) + 4

Cafe Ice Cream Stand Florist
Flowery Picnic Fee + 60G

Fun (Home Run High) + 3

Cherry Tree Tea Room
Evening Hangout Sports (Home Run High) + 5 Fountain Ice Cream Stand
Culture Central Study (Home Run High) + 6 Music Room Language Lab Schoolhouse
Stress Relief Study (Home Run High) + 3 Sick Room Tea Room
Milking It Fun (Home Run High) + 5 Azaleas Vending Machine Ice Cream Stand
Totaling Up Study (Home Run High) + 5

Fun (Home Run High) + 1

Council Room Abacus Classroom Weather Box
Monumental Study (Home Run High) + 2

Sports (Home Run High) + 4

Great Monument Bronze Statue
Time Attack Sports (Home Run High) + 6 Clockhouse Soccer Field Running Track
Catering Fee + 60G

Fun (Home Run High) + 3

Sushi Shop Grill Restaurant Tea Room
Fun & Games Fee + 100G

Fun (Home Run High) + 5

Store Game Arcade Fishing Pond
Pen & Sword Study (Home Run High) + 2

Sports (Home Run High) + 5

Calligraphy Room Archery Room Martial Arts Gym
Team Activity Sports (Home Run High) + 5 Rugby Field Soccer Field Running Track
Training Area Sports (Home Run High) + 5 Gym Hall Gym Pool
Tourist Center Fun (Home Run High) + 4

Nature (Home Run High) + 3

Windmill Cafe Clockhouse
Long Stay Sports (Home Run High) + 5 Laundry Room Showers Drinking Fountain

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