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Pocket Harvest Guide

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Combo ListEdit

The Pop/Appeal/Fee columns affect the facilities used to make the combo. The Effects column affects all nearby fields/facilities. For most of the combos affecting fields, the first effect is on a base stat, and the second is a research component (the name Taste appears in both).

Combo Facility 1 Facility 2 Pop Appeal Fee Powers Up Effect
Country Unmanned Shop Jizo Statues +2 +4 +100G Fields Appearance +5%, Vitamins +0.5
Dairy Smokehouse Milk Tank +3 +3 +120G Fields Taste +5%, Fruitiness +0.5
Sweaty Golf Green Athletic Ground
Facilities Fee +200G
Junk Food Pancake Shop Deli +8
+150G Facilities Popularity +3
Camp[1] Campground Cottage +6 +3
Fields Aroma +5%, Starch +0.5
Eco Windmill Well +5 Facilities Fee +200G
Tourism Tower Burial Mound
+180G Facilities Popularity +3
Nature Hill Bird Blind +6 Fields Appearance +5%, Greens +0.5
Sky High Tower Balloon Platform +8 +5
Facilities Fee +200G
Break Fountain Rest Area
Fields Texture +5%, Medicine +0.5
Galaxy Hill Observatory +9 Facilities Popularity +3, Fee +100G
Floral Garden Shop Botanical Garden +4 +3 +200G Fields Aroma +5%, Fruitiness +0.5
Fungi Mushroom House Pine Trees
+5 +420G Fields Aroma +5%, Taste +0.5
Craft Weaver Potter's Hut +5
+150G Facilities Popularity +3, Fee +100G
Jam Jam Shop Grape Field +8
Fields Aroma +5%, Juice +0.5
Prayer Shrine Jizo Statues
Facilities Appeal +3
Travel Gift Shop Photo Panels +4
+160G Facilities Popularity +3, Fee +100G
Squeezed Ice Cream Parlor Milk Tank +6
Fields Taste +5%, Starch +0.5
Ninja Hot Spring Golf Green +2 +8 Facilities Appeal+3, Fee +100G
Family Lake Atletic Ground +8 +2 Facilities Popularity +3, Fee +100G
Sizzling Barbecue Pit Campground +7
Fields Texture +5%, Taste +0.5
Sweet Sweet Shop Pancake Shop +120G Fields Texture +5%, Greens +0.5
Mystery Cave Burial Mound +5
Facilities Fee +200G
Nice Skin Fruit (x2)[2] Juice Shop +4
Fresh Fruit (x2)[2] Fruit Shop
+5 +180G
Growth Livestock Silo
+130G Fields Texture +5%, Greens +0.5
Incognito Livestock Photo Panels +3
Facilities Popularity +3
Relax Sweet Shop Cafe +6 Facilities Popularity +3
Homemade Rice Ball Shop Deli +150G Taste +5%, Starch +0.5
Dinner Jam Shop Restaurant 12 Facilities Popularity +3
Picker Crops Unmanned Shop
+200G Fields Taste +5%, Medicine +0.5
Observer Crops Botanical Garden +3 +3
Fields Appearance +5%, Royal Jelly +0.1
Farm Fresh Crops Gift Shop +2
+100G Fields Texture +5%, Vitamins +0.1
Snack Crops Rest Area
Fields Texture +5%, Taste +0.1
Dish Veggie (x2)[2] Deli +2 +2
Pickle Veggie (x2)[2] Rice Ball Shop +4
Fruity Fruit Sweet Shop +4 +2 +150G Fields Aroma +5%, Fruitiness +0.1
Parfait Fruit Ice Cream Parlor +2 +3
Fields Appearance +5%, Juice +0.1
Morning Veggie Cafe +3
+250G Fields Taste +5%, Starch +0.1
Resort Golf Green Hot Spring & Tower +8 +8 +250G
Well Well Well
Fields Moisture +5, Fruitiness +0.2
Hill Hill Hill
Fields Fertility +4, Taste +0.2
Mountain Mountain Mountain
Fields Fertility +4, Taste +0.2
Cherry Cherry Trees Cherry Trees
Fields Taste +5, Fruitiness +0.3
Sunflower Sunflowers Sunflowers
Fields Texture +5, Starch +0.3
Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo
Fields Aroma +5, Greens +0.3
Pine Pine Trees Pine Trees
Fields Appearance +5, Medicine +0.3
Camp[1] Jizo Statues Campground +2 +4 +100G Fields Appearance +5%, Vitamins +0.5
Kiddie Photo Panels Campground +2 +4 +100G Fields Taste +5%, Fruitiness +0.5
Unmanned Jizo Statues Photo Panels +2 +4 +100G Facilities Fee +200G
Souvenir Unmanned Shop Gift Shop +2 +4 +100G Facilities Popularity +3
  1. 1.0 1.1 Note that there are two different combos called Camp Combo.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 For the combos that require two Fruit or Veggie fields, the two fields have to be different crops.

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