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Overview Edit

Combos are a combination of 3 structures that when placed near each other gives extra bonuses to the other surrounding structures.

One thing a bit different than other Kairosoft games is how a combo can be formed. In previous Kairosoft games, all structures that formed a combo must be formed near each other in order to form a combo.

However in this game, thers's another way can be used to form a combo. As long the structures are linked to each other, the combo can be formed.

An example for this is a combo that's formed by 3 structures : A, B and C. In previous games, A must be near B, B must be near C and C must be near A in order for the combo to register.

In this game however, you can create a combo by placing A near B, B near C while C is far away from A. Even in this setup , the combo will still register.

There are a difference in the form of the range of the combo effect however. In the old method where all the structures must be connected to each other. the combo will affect all structures located near the 3 structures that formed a combo.

However, if the combo is formed using the new method, the combo will only affect the 3 structures that formed the combo and the structures that are placed near the combo structure that are placed near the other 2 combo structures.

In the above example, A, B and C will gain the effect of the combo. However, only structures that are placed near B will gain the combo's effect too. While structures that are placed near A and C will not gain the effect of the combo. The reason is that, only B structure are placed near A and C. A does not located near C. So the combo will not affect the structures placed near A and C.

There are currently 29 known Combos in-game.

Combos List Edit

Name Effect Bsses/Facilities /Environments
Come Again Fee +10G Flower Display Comment Box Souvenir Stall
Break Time Pop +5 Auto-Vendor Wooden Bench Round Tree
Great Reception Pop +5 Lobby Auto-Vendor Lobby Table
Foot Heaven Pop +5 Footbath Huge Planter Stove
Spa Corner Pop +10 Footbath Hot Spring (M) Big Onsen (M)
Spa Paradise Pop +10 Footbath Hot Spring (F) Big Onsen (F)
Tea Time Fee +10 Flower Display Dark Bean Café Café Table
Game Arcade Pop +10 Arcade Game Claw Machine Mallet Game
Fountain Plaza Pop +15 Hedge Planter Fountain Wooden Bench
Food Stalls Fee +15 Donut Stall Ramen Shop Curry House
Christmassy Pop +10 Large Fir Balloon Man Kids' Play Area
All Automatic Pop +10 Eat Wild Shop Veggie Planter Paperbot
Eat Your Fill Pop +10 Flower Display Buffet Dining Table
Asian Corner Pop +10 Offering Box Smithy Donut Stall
Shopping Spot Fee +10 Eat Wild Shop Veggie Planter Souvenir Stall
Lovely Café Pop +10 Flower Barrel Dark Bean Café Café Table
Mountain Café Pop +10 Balloon Man Dark Bean Café Wooden Bench
Relax & Enjoy Pop +10 Potted Palm Massage Salon Gramophone
Noodles vs Curry Pop +10 Ramen Shop Café Table Curry House
Swimming Area Fee +20 Heated Pool Shower Room Massage Salon
Resort Area Pop +20 Heated Pool Auto-Vendor Potted Palm
Brilliant Area Pop +3
Fee +3
Audio Player Sunnyflower Lobby Table
Training Spot Fee +10 Stove Skiing Class Auto-Vendor
Training Center Fee +10 Fan Mini Gym Auto-Vendor
Frosty Sweets Pop +10 Dark Bean Café Balloon Man Crepe Shop
Crafts Area Pop +10 Offering Box Smithy Indoor Garden
Sweet-Toothed Pop +10 Buffet Curry House Crepe Shop
Stylish Shops Pop +10
Fee +10
Large Fir Gift Shop Wooden Bench
Handy Lockers Fee +10 Fountain Locker Room Hedge Planter

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