Dream House Days Guide

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Once a year, in Autumn, you can enroll your apartment complex into a contest. Narratively, this pits the quality of your building against others; mechanically, it rates you based on the stats of your rooms and tenants. Participating in contests gets you money, RP, discounted items, and a couple of furnishings; winning gets you all that and unlocks important flooring.

Name Fee Win Condition Participation
1st Place
Comfort: Regional

apartment with 42 comfort 

$ + Job Change Pass + Sofa Set Orange Floor
Comfort: National
apartment with 170 comfort $ + Love Scroll Green Floor
Comfort: Global 2T apartment with 394 comfort  $ + Level(?) Scroll Pink Floor
Rent: Regional
apartment with rent ~$3.5K RP + Job Change Pass + Exam Set Flooring
Rent: National
apartment with rent ~$10.5K-11K RP + Love Scroll Carpeting
Rent: Global 2T apartment with rent $35.4K RP + Level Scroll Wood Floor
Brainiac Tenants
Tenant with 260 Int RP + Rent Booster Carpet
Well-Rounded Tenants
Tenant with 236 Hobby RP + Rent Booster Red Carpet
Most Athletic 1T Tenant with Fit ~550
RP + Job Change Pass Luxury Set
Most Charming 1T Tenant with  ~567 Cha RP + Job Change Pass Elegant Set
Building Occupancy 2T 50 Tenants RP + Youth Scroll + Sofa Office Set
Net Worth 3T ~$450,000 RP + Rare Job Pass Dining Set


  • Each time you won a contest, you may get a random item that may can be used on a tenant or the furniture.