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Shiny Ski Resort Guide

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Contests starts at Year 2 Month 2 Edit

They occours every snowy season, after each winning u got +50 for each customer base

Tip: for easy money and materials participate in every contests that appears after each month in snowy season but dont win unless you want to progrees in the game.

Tip²: If u dont have a good equipment u will lose hp faster, so check equipment to see if Coldproofing = Perfect before starting

Unlimited Contest Edit

It appear every month(?) in snowy season

appear every month between 11Mn and 6Mn?

Name Dificult Length Restrictions 1st Prize
Local Skiing Contest D- 1,300m none 5,000G

x10 Wood

One time Contests Edit

After winning the contests will disappear

Completion Reward: Trophy Statue

*note : the Difficulty can be different?

Name Difficulty Length Restrictions 1st Prize
Cool Moves Contest D 1,700m none 25,000G + Meltwater x10
Skillful Skiing Contest C- 2.200m none 50,000G + Meat x10
Grass Skiing Contest C 2,600m Skis 18-40 75,000G + Hydro Coating x4
Children's Ski Contest D 1,100m Skis 0-18 25,000G + Eggs x10
Skiing Moms Contest C- 2,200m Women 50,000G + Hydro Coating x4
Go! Sledding Contest B- 1,700m Sled 0-18 100,000G + Butterbur x10
Next Gen Sled Contest B 2,200m Sled 0-18 150,000G + Fern Shoots x10
Free For All Contest 2,200m? Skis? 75,000G + Hydro Coating x4
Mature Skiers Contest? 2,600m? Men? 150,000 + Top-Shelf Tins x2?
Snowsoft Cup 3,100m none? 250,000G + Crude Oil x10
Snowman Battle? 2,200m? none? 175,000 + Hydro Coating x4?
Snowman Festival S 2,200m none 225,000 + Hydro Coating x4?
Quick And Livid Cup S- 2,800m 18-40 250,000 + Hydro Coating x4?
Spring Ski Cup A 3,100m none 250,000G + Meat x20
Golden Age Cup S++ 2,800m 70+ 300,000 + Gold Leaf x2?
Winter Fest Contest S++ 3,300m none(Rank8+?) 350,000 + Christmas Gift x2?
Snowpeak Cup S++ 3,100m none 325,000 + Wood x20?
Kairo Cup S- 4,400m none 515,000 + Star Piece x1?
Happy Feet Cup? 2,800m? Skis 0-18? 225,000 + Hydro Coating x4?
Sunny Skies Cup B+ 3,300m none 225,000 + Bamboo Shoot x2?
Gloomy Skies Cup A- 3,300m none 250,000 + Funky Shroom x2?

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