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Tennis Club Story Guide

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There is a total of 48 customers. New customers will show up when you win certain matches, or when other customers gain a certain satisfaction level.

10s Edit

Age Name Unlocked by
10s AV Clubber
Initially Available
10s Young Boss Class Leader's Satisfaction Lvl. 4
10s Lunch Server Young Boss' Sastisfaction Lvl. 5
10s Traveler AV Clubber's Satisfaction Lvl. 2
10s Class Prez. Win Singles Match against National Juniors (Rank B Juniors Only)
10s Class Rep. Win Singles Match against Backachers (Rank D Seniors Only)
10s Class Leader Traveler's Satisfaction Lvl 3
10s Jump Roper Winning Ozzie Open Singles (Rank A)

20s Edit

Age Name Unlocked by
20s Exch. Student Coed's Satisfaction Lvl. 2
20s Employee Win Singles Tournament D
20s Chinese Chef Winning Ozzie Open Doubles (Rank A)
20s Coed
Initially Available
20s Secretary Exch. Student's Satisfaction Lvl. 4
20s Health Nut Secretary's Satisfaction Lvl. 5
20s Nail Artist Win Singles Match against Mito Komon (Rank B Seniors Only)

30s Edit

Age Name Unlocked by
30s Comedian Actress' Satisfaction Lvl. 2
30s Actor Comedian's Satisfaction Lvl 3
30s Film Director Win Singles Match against Mountain Girls (Rank C Females Only)
30s Chicken Insp. Win Singles Tournament S
30s Actress Win Singles Tournament F
30s Esthetician Actor's Satisfaction Lvl 4
30s Beautician Esthetician's Satisfaction Lvl. 5
30s Housewife Win Doubles Tournament B

40s Edit

Age Name Unlocked by
40s Asst. Manager Available from Start
40s DIYer Hostess' Satisfaction Lvl. 4
40s Pastor DIYer's Satisfaction Lvl. 4
40s Guitarist Win Singles Tournament B
40s Librarian Asst Manager's Satisfaction Lvl. 4
40s Hostess Librarian's Satisfaction Lvl. 3
40s Voice Actor Win Doubles Tournament D
40s Clerk

50s Edit

Age Name Unlocked by
50s Bus Driver Win Singles Tournament E
50s Journalist Calligrapher's Satisfaction Lvl. 4
50s Zoo Keeper Journalist's Satisfaction Lvl. 5
50s Polisher Win Team Tournament B
50s Singer Bus Driver's Satisfaction Lvl 2
50s Calligrapher Singer's Satisfaction Lvl 3
50s Foodie Win Singles Tournament C
50s Commentator Win Doubles Tournament S

60s Edit

Age Name Unlocked by
60s Principal

Dresser'sSatisfaction Lvl 2

60s Sculptor Principal's Satisfaction Lvl 3
60s Dean Win Doubles Tournament C
60s Carpenter
60s Dresser Win Singles Match against Sporty Jocks (Rank D Juniors Only)
60s Landlady Sculptor's Satisfaction Lvl. 4
60s Tea Master Win Singles Match against Russian Team (Rank A Females Only)

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