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Home Run High Guide

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Personality 1 Personality 2 Personality 3 Name Effect(up)
Hardworker Big Eater Smiler Fight On HP 30%
Big Eater Underdog Hurrier Fast Eater HP 30%
Leader Gamer Bookworm Leadership Pitch Speed 30%
Healer All Star Perfect Pitcher Good Vibes Pitching 30%
Leader Attention Hog Smiler Energetic Slugging 30%
Fun Lover Mechanic Charmer On Call Running 30%
Bookworm Bookworm Cool Dude Superbrain Smarts 30%
Cool Dude Perfect Pitcher Mechanic Stalwart Smarts 30%
Fun Lover Attention Hog Smiler Party Animal Batting 30%
Panicker Destoyer Lover Bulldozer Running 30%
Gamer Hurrier Panicker 16 Strikes Control 30%
Leader Underdog Hardworker Relentless HP 30%
Charmer Fun Lover Airhead Unity Batting 30%
Lover Brilliant Batter Underdog Passionate Slugging 30%
Politician Lover Bookworm Legal Expert Smarts 30%
Bookworm Mechanic Cool Dude Well-Organized Control 30%
Wrestler Lover Attention Hog Black Belt Slugging 40%
Hurrier Panicker Hurrier Bartering Running 30%
Airhead All Star Healer Sunshine Pitching 30%
Airhead Hardworker All Star Natural Monument HP 30%
Old Man Cool Dude Wrestler Panther Pitch Speed 30%
Destoyer Politician Destoyer General Slugging 40%
Perfect Pitcher Destoyer Wrestler Yeti Batting 30%
Robust Runner All Star Robust Runner Seaborn Pitching 30%
Brilliant Batter Big Eater Old Man Burly HP 30%
Robust Runner Gamer Old Man Cultivated Pitching 45%
Hardworker Smiler Airhead Optimist HP 40%
Smiler Attention Hog Charmer Limelight Running 45%
Big Eater Underdog Brilliant Batter Glutton HP 50%
Leader Mechanic All Star Scout Batting 50%
Bookworm Cool Dude Politician Tactician Smarts 55%
Old Man Brilliant Batter Politician Old Man Slugging 40%
Charmer Fun Lover Healer Bard Control 50%
Panicker Wrestler Destoyer Death Ray Running 45%
Healer Charmer All Star Spring Sunshine HP 40%
Robust Runner Brilliant Batter Lover Summer Heat Slugging 50%
Big Eater Hurrier Panicker Gourmet Running 45%
Perfect Pitcher Cool Dude Cool Dude Subzero Smarts 50%

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