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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This game doesn't end after a certain date.

In High Sea Saga, benefits carryover from the last point of time that you buy an item called Data Transfer. The Data Transfer first becomes available after rank 50. If you buy it, you'll have a chance to buy another at a later date when Pumpkin Products restocks.

Every time you replay the game will become harder, but carry-overs do stack across multiple play-throughs[Confirm].


Does carry over

  • Starting Character can start as any Discovered Jobs.
  • Medals
  • The ability to re-recruit your past crewmates in the tavern (costs medals to get them).
    The cost for recruiting each crew is (20 + his/her Total Job Mastery) medals.
    Note : Total Job Mastery is not the same as Jobs Mastery needed to change Jobs.
    Total Job Mastery is counted by how many times the characters mastered any Jobs on All Playthrough.
    If a character has remastered all jobs 3 times then the total cost for rehiring him/her on a replay game is (20+3*49) = 167 medals.
    The maximum cost for rehiring each past crewmates is 500 medals.
    Players who subscribe to Gold Pass on IAP gets 80% discount on rehiring past crewmates.
  • Equipment Number&Levels
  • Items Numbers&Limits
  • Onboard Facilities Numbers&Levels - You get one of each type owned at start of game.
  • Discovered Jobs
  • Number of Quest Teams
  • Some Special Shop content ( teams, and other 1 time buys except equipment)
  • Some King Rewards ( login rewards )
  • Kairo Points
  • Some Dice Game content
  • Cannon Purchase/upgrade status
  • Cheer Command upgrade status
  • Friend Info
  • Turbo mode time left
  • Monster Guidebook
  • Online Battle Rank
  • Online Battle Records
  • Number of days played
  • Monsters
  • Unlocked IAPs
  • Hard Mode selection ability
  • Nightmare Mode selection ability (only if total game time is over than 200 hours)

Does not carry over

  • Gold
  • relics
  • buildings

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