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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This game "ends" on Y 8 M 4, 12:00 AM

Score CalculationEdit

All Fans x 1
All Rep x 1
All Toal Battle x 10
All Series Win x 10
school level study x 100
school level sport x 100
school level fun x 100
school level nature x 100


Does carry over

  • Players' levels and stats [1]
  • Facilities' level
  • Dorms (after initial 3rd years have left)
  • Combo List
  • Compatibility List

Does not carry over

  • Drill levels


  1. Of their defense stats, players carry over all the levels, but in the new game, only the stats for their Good Position (Home Run High) ideal positions will appear. Once you use a player on a position, his actual level will be shown again

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