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Epic Astro Story
Epic Astro Story
CurrencyDollars ($)
LandscapeInitially Available
Fast ModeAfter the game "ends"
Android logo Android
Release DateDec 16, 2011
Last Update1.1.1 May 26, 2014
Apple logo iOS
Release DateMar 8, 2012
Last Update1.1.0 Jun 26, 2015
書 Japanese Statistics
Asutoro tanken-tai
Android logo AndroidDec 18, 2011
Apple logo iOSMar 8, 2012
DoCoMoJun 29, 2009
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In Epic Astro Story, you colonize distant planets.


Structures come in three types: Environment, Work, and Tourism.




Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • It is possible to run out of time during an exploration at the same moment that the exploration team hits a point of interest. In this case the team leader will contact you and the effect of the point of interest (money, research points, stat increase, etc.) will occur after the team has left the exploration location. It is not known if this affects how stats from obelisks are awarded.



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