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Away TeamEdit

When forming Away Team, you may see the info of:

  • Image of Destination
  • Name/Type of Destination
  • Duration (day/s)
  • Cost ($)
  • Number of Explore (First Try,etc)
  • Number of Member

When selecting the resident, you may be able to sort by:

  • Level
  • Health
  • Ability
  • Work
  • Exploration
  • Skill

Battle PreparationEdit

Before starting a battle, you may be able to see the:
Battle Preparation - Epic Astro Story
  • Name of Place
  • Level Up
  • Equipment
  • Auto button
  • Scouting Enemy

Exploration SpeedEdit

During exploring the region, you may got either "Speed Up" or "Speed Down".

Speed Up - Epic Astro Story
Speed Down - Epic Astro Story

Name Description
Speed Up Exploration speed has doubled!
Speed Down Exploration speed has been cut in half...

Special MessageEdit

Name Starting Message Finish Message

The Chasm is quite small so only one person can enter. I guess I'll be going alone this times!

(James Turk)

The exploration of the Chasm region is complete. There doesn't seem to be any danger left so I'll be leaving.

(Space Aide)


Image Name Region Description Hint Difficulty (Star/s) Danger (%)
Chasm - Epic Astro Story Chasm ? A deep chasm. These sometimes conceal valuable items. 1
Cave - Epic Astro Story Cave Plain A deep and long cave. These sometimes conceal valuable items. 2
Cave Snowfield - Epic Astro Story Cave Snowfield A deep and long cave. These sometimes conceal valuable items. 3 23
2 15


There type of region in total.

Image Name Description Hint
Plain - Epic Astro Story Plain A fertile area covered with grass Perfect for building fields.
Snowfield An area covered in snow.

Minerals can be found underground.

The land here isn't suitable for farming, so you can't build any Fields. - Space Aide

Desert - Epic Astro Story Desert A very dry, sandy region. Oil can be found underground.
Lava Plateau ? ?


  • You can only form one away team.
  • When viewing the unexplored region, you may see the message said that it not connected to your territory.
  • You may be able to explore another region instead of continue the previous region you stuck.
  • When begin to explore, you may select the exploration starting point either to start from beginning or continue where you left/got defeated by the enemy.
  • You may see the 'Unexplored' square when you set the Graphics to Performance setting instead of Quality.


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