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Formation TypeEdit

Type Description
Normal A balanced formation.
Offensive Slightly more aggressive.
Defensive Go on the defensive.


Image Formation Description Unlock by
? 4-4-2 A A balanced formation.
4-4-2 B A balanced formation.
4-4-2 C A balanced formation.
4-5-1 A Easy to steal the ball.
3-5-2 A Easy to steal the ball.
3-3-4 Rather offensive formation.
4-3-3 Formation for swift offense.
5-3-2 Defensive formation.
6-2-2 Quite defensive formation. ?
1-4-5 Ultra offensive formation.
Clump Seen with young players.
Straight A very proper formation.
3 Line Three-line formation.
Slant A radical formation.
Cross A radical formation.
Box A radical formation.