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Investments unlock new types of structures / upgrades / items / targets (guests), and costs a certain number of money and time to research. Investments are unlocked when certain requirements are met.

Normal InvestmentsEdit

For those with a duration of "visit", a special guest will visit the next day at 11AM, and if they are properly satisfied, they will reward you. See more below.

Name Cost Duration Unlocks Requirements Notes Summary
Advertise $500 1W
Y1 M11 Reappears in 6 months after using
Architect $1000 Visit Reception, Gate Buy Land Deed II
Bamboo $2200 1M Bamboo 10 Tatami Rooms
Pasture $1200 1M Milk Yng Family - 20 Pop.
Lanterns $1800 1M Lantern Buy 10 natural stones

I want to develop high-tech lanterns that turn on automatically at night.

Garden $600 2W Honey Boosts popularity

Investments that unlock guestsEdit

Name Cost Duration Unlocks Requirements Notes
Career Change $4800 2M Governor COO - 30 Pop.
Church $2000 2M Yng Family Yng Couple - 30 Pop.
Comedy Jam $3200 2M Comedian Landlord - 30 Pop.
Convention Center 2M Booth Babe Cartoonist
Design Studio $1300 1M Biz-Woman
Start Venture $900 1M Manager
Fishing Grounds $800 1M Fishermen
Game Company $800 1M Prgrmmer
Heliport $4800 2M CEO COO - 30 Pop.
Magazine $2000 1M3W Journalist Pastry Chef - 30 Pop.
Move Large Firm $4200 2M COO Painter - 30 Pop.
Mountain Hut $1800 1M M. Artist Manager - 30 Pop.
Opera House $3000 1M Opera Sngr Tea Expert - 30 Pop.
Botanical Garden $1,600 2M Biz-Man
Pastry School $1,600 1M1W Pastry Chef
Art Colony $1,600 1M2W Cartoonist / Comic Book Illustrator - 30 Pop.
Church $2,000 Yng Family YYng Coupe - 30 Pop.
Move Lab $1,600 2M Researcher Programmer - 30 Pop.
Arcade $1,600 1M2W Arcade Facility Programmer - 20 Pop.
Tea Contest $ 1600 1M Tea Expert Fortuneteller - 30 Pop.
Move Lab Lab Director Prgrmmer

Special guest visitsEdit

Special visits are a special kind of investment that require you to please a special guest before being rewarded. If you fail, you will have to try over and pay for the opportunity again. Each special guest has their own preferences, and can not all be dealt with the same.

It is recommended to save before they arrive, as their visit is somewhat random, and they might not be satisfied, while if you restart the game and try again, they might be.


  • Cost: $1000
  • Unlocks: Reception, Gate
  • Type: Male, Senior
  • Advice: This special guest is one of the easier ones, and should not take much effort to please.


  • Cost: $400
  • Unlocks: Salon
  • Type: Female, Youth
  • Advice: place her in room with a lot of facilities

Cafe Owner Edit

  • Cost: $400
  • Unlocks: Cafe
  • Type: Male. Adult
  • Advice: Reserve a room close to a Restaurant as well as other facilities.

Tea Specialist Edit

  • Cost: $600
  • Unlocks: Tea Room
  • Type: Female, Senior
  • Advice: place in Tatami Room with high scenery score.

Chimpan ZEdit

  • Cost: $360
  • Unlocks: Large Bath (M) +Large Bath (F)
  • Type: Male, Youth
  • Advice: