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On the many islands in the game, there are some that has vacant lots where structures can be built. Their main function is to increase population which is needed to hat, island structures may have different functions.

Structures can also be removed turning it into vacant lot again. Pre-built structures can not moved with the exception of 1st tavern at Base Island. These non removable structures will have different max population numbers than removable ones.

Each structures can lvl up (maximum to 5). Every time crew-mates visit a structure, the structure will gain exp that can accumulate in order to level up. Crew with Islander skill will sometimes get a major boost in structures' xp every time they visit.  Each Structure has an initial maximum level. To go beyond that, you need to fulfill a task of the king then you can buy an upgrade for that building for gold to rise the maximum level.

Some facilites like shops can improve as their global total lvl is increased. Global total level is the sum of total lvl of the facilites from all the islands in all countries (Total lvl in the table). This can unlocks new buyable items or unlocks new feature at the facilities. The effects for these is shown at the remarks section on the table.

Image NamePriceBuild Time
Initial max LevelMax Population
(Lv 5)
Max Non Removable
Total Lvl Remarks
Item Shop (High Sea Saga)
Item Shop600G2532850
20 Sells items
(24 items at total lvl)
Blade Shop (High Sea Saga)
Blade Shop300G1532850195021Sells knives and swords
(16 weapons at total lvl)
Ranged Shop (High Sea Saga)
Ranged Shop1,200G4532850195017Sells ranged weapons
(11 weapons at total lvl)
Weapon shop (High Sea Saga)
Weapon Shop800G3032850195027Sells things like axes and clubs
(27 weapons at total lvl)
Armor Shop (High Sea Saga)
Armor Shop650G2532850195022Sells a variety of armor
(30 armors at total lvl)
Acc Shop (High Sea Saga)
Acc Shop1500G5532850195017Sells accessories
(13 accessories at total lvl)
Monster Farm (High Sea Saga)
Monster Farm2500G8532850305012Leave eggs here to hatch!
(Unlocks fortune and upgrade feature at total lvl)
Blacksmith (High Sea Saga)
Blacksmith5000G17033150225016Upgrade weapons and armors
(Allow 9 materials at total lvl)
Tavern (High Sea Saga)
10Recruit crewmates
(S rank recruitment at 2 lvl 5 taverns)
Kairo Center (High Sea Saga)
Kairo Center9000G305?56455640
Exchange Kairo Point and ship facilities
Sally Prin's (High Sea Saga)
Sally Prin's6500G220279727957
Exchange items with rare items
Hut (High Sea Saga)
Boost Population
House (High Sea Saga)
Boost Population
Fancy House (High Sea Saga)
Fancy House
Boost Population
Water Wheel (High Sea Saga)
Water Wheel2500G85367007300
Boost Population
Lighthouse (High Sea Saga)
Boost Population
Dice Game (High Sea Saga)
Dice Game250G10231253100
Win rare items
Prison Outpost (High Sea Saga)
Prison Outpost3000G1052660650
Turn in prisoners away from base

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