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Consumable ItemsEdit

Consumable Items
Name Starting Cost Effect Unlock
Popularity Seed $ 300
Price Seed $ 400
Green Tea $ 50 Year 1 Month 7
Honey $ 68 neg. effect on Bath M/W unlocked by flower garden (investment)
Mushrooms $ 74 neg. effect on Tatami Room unlocked by hiker (investment)
Iced Tea $ 44 Year 1 Month 7
Seaweed $ 56 neg. effect on Vending Mchn Year 1 Month 7
Flower Poster $ 100 unlocked by Design studio (investment)
Milk1 unlocked by farmer (investment)
Comic Books $ 140 unlocked by cartoonist (investment)
Glamour Seed
Fame Seed
Gourmet Seed
Relaxation Seed

1. Use milk 3 times to give silk smooth effect on Bath (W)


After unlocking the first land deed, all following land deeds can be unlocked by purchasing the one before.

Name Cost Effect Unlock
Land Deed $ 200 Adds 2 rows and 1 column
Land Deed $4,000 Adds 1 row and 3 columns Buy the previous land deed
Land Deed $5,000 Buy the previous land deed
Land Deed $15.000 Buy the previous land deed
Land Deed $25.000 Buy the previous land deed


Purchasing an environmental item will raise the max number of that kind of environmental structure you can place at one time.

Name Starting cost Unlock
Azalea $500
Lantern Buy 10 Natural Stones to unlock Lantern Investment
Maple Tree
Natural Stone $300 Year 1 Month 7
Plum Tree

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