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Equipment DevelopmentEdit

Hats HP Pow Def Pop Effect Rank
Tyrolean Hat 20
35 Evasion Rate Up 3% E
Flat Cap 35 20
Crit. Rate Up E
Alice Band
20 35
Manufacturing Speed Up 10%


35 Evasion Rate Up 3% E
35 20 Cannon Atk Up +10 E
Artist's Beret 25 15
Def. Up when HP Low F
25 15 Stun Evasion F
Baseball Helmet 25
Def. Up when HP Low D
25 Power Up when HP Low D
Hipster Flat Cap
45 25
Manufacturing Speed Up 10% D
Straw Beret 25
45 Cannon Attack Up +10 D
45 25 Poison Evasion +40%


Bunny Hat 30
55 Crit. Rate UP C
Chef's Hat
55 30 Manufacturing Speed Up +10% C
55 30
Poison Evasion +60% C
Head Towel 55
30 Evasion Rate UP +5% C
Cool Cap
30 55 Stun Evasion +60% C
Cat Mask
65 Defense UP when HP Low B
Samurai Helmet
35 65 Crit. Rate UP B
35 65
Defense UP when HP Low B
Braided Hat 35 65
Poison Evasion +80% B
Noble Hat
65 35
Stun Evasion +80% B
Horse Mask 70
40 Evasion Rate UP +12% A
Desert Prince Hat 120 210 Item drop rate up +5%


Item Usage Edit

When using power up items to boost your stats, they can be applied directly to your character or to the morph suit.

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