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Below is a list of the buy-able items from Pocket Stables. Every purchase of an item will increase its price by ~20%

Pic Name Starting price Description Unlock
Feed - pocket stables
Speed Feed Increses speed Win Bloomtown Track
Seed - pocket stables
Quality Seed $350 Boosts facility quality
Seed - pocket stables
Value Seed $460 Boosts facility quality
Drink - pocket stables
Nutrient Drink $200 Recovers a horse's fatigue Gift of Student
First-aid - pocket stables
First-Aid Kit For exhaustion & breaks Gift of Garden Expert
Box - pocket stables
Natural Spring $48 For courses & rest areas
Box - pocket stables
Ranch poster $55 Affects visitor facilities
Box - pocket stables
Newspaper $78 For gift shops, rest areas Gift of Part-Timer
Box - pocket stables
Mare's Milk $82 For ice cream, restaurants Gift of Shepherd
Box - pocket stables
Horse Photo $96 An excellent souvenir Gift of Horse Owner
Box - pocket stables
Music Box $98 Affects memorials & cafes Gift of Musician
Box - pocket stables
Stopwatch $135 Affects training facilities
Box - pocket stables
Trumpet $126 For courses & gift shops Gift of Street Fighter
Box - pocket stables
AC Unit $165 Affects indoor facilities Gift of Investor

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