Shiny Ski Resort Guide

Structures Combos Sponsors Guests Research Equipment Items Items Processing Contests Achievements Products
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No. Name Material 1 Material 2 Unlocked
1 Charcoal 1x Wood Initial
2 Branch 1x Wood 5x Research
3 Quality Charcoal 1x Wood 1x Meltwater 20x Research
4 Timber 2x Wood 10x Research
5 Stone 2x Boulder 15x Research?
6 Ice 3x Snow 1x Meltwater 40x Research
7 Pure Water 2x Meltwater 15x Research
8 Wood Panel 3x Wood Unlock Board Research Lv2
9 Carbon Fibre 1x Crude Oil Unlock Ski Research Lv1
10 Metal Alloy 2x Iron 2x Brown Rock Unlock Board Research Lv1
11 Duralumin 2x Iron 3x Mineral Ore Unlock Ski Research Lv2
12 Styrofoam 1x Crude Oil Unlock Sled Research Lv2
13 Glass Fiber 3x Sand Unlock Sled Research Lv1
14 Guests File 3x Survey Form 35x Research
15 Fodder 5x Wildflowers 25x Research
16 Resort Guide 6x Survey Form 4x Photo While unlocking 6th product?

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