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The job your tenant holds determines their income, which in turn determines how much rent they are able to pay. You can create more expensive apartments as you unlock higher-paying jobs, provided you can guide your tenants into those jobs with the proper stats or items.

Aspirations and Job ChangesEdit

Tenants each have an "aspiration" listed in their status page. This is the job they want to have, and if they are an adult they will apply for it once every Autumn. You can see the likelihood of them getting the job as a percentage; sometimes, tenants have a 0% chance of getting their dream job. When this happens, it's best to use a Job Change Pass to put them into a more appropriate job.

The school that they attend plays an important role in their future career.

Eg. When comparing a Lugman Tech Student (all higher stats) vs a Literati Uni Student (all lower stats), the aspiration for a job (e.g. baseball player) for the Literati Uni Student is 20%, while the Lugman Tech Student has 0% despite their higher stats.


In addition to the methods listed in the "Unlocked by" columns below, all job types can be recruited. However, note the "Unlocks" column. Simply hiring a Comedian does not unlock the Colorful Rug; you must have a tenant become a Comedian by way of Autumn application or Job Change Pass.


We have two tables: for lack of in-game names to distinguish between the two, we will call them transitional jobs and careers.

Transitional JobsEdit

Transitional jobs are not listed in the menu's job list (Tenant stat screen> Traits> Job). These are jobs that occur when a tenant is transitioning from one age to another.

Transitional Jobs
Name Monthly
(Lv 1)
(Lv 10)
Unlock Condition Unlocks
Part-Timer 0.8K 2.0K Tenant fails to get a job in Autumn Analog TV
Job Seeker 0.8K 1.5K Students become Job Seekers after 3 years
Retiree 2.5K Adult tenants turn into Retirees after 9 yrs Chic Bed
Homemaker Adult tenant gets married and his/her wife/husband becomes a Homemaker


Please note the the tilde (~) should be read as "around". So the Tutor job unlocks at around ~110 Int; that is to say, it becomes available when you get a tenant whose Int stat is around 110. The exact value that unlocks the these jobs could be a little higher or a little lower; if you know a more exact value, please contribute!

Name Monthly
(Lv 1)
(Lv 10)
Unlock Condition Unlocks
Office Worker 1.9K 3.0K
Initially Available
Tutor 2.5K 5.9K 55 Int White Desk
Lawyer 4.7K 11.4K 180 Int Dining Chair
Botanist 7.8K 21.2K 250 Int Black Desk
Inventor 5.9K 8.7K ~300 Int
Politician 10.5K 23.9K ~517 Int
Referee 2.0K 3.7K 25 Fit Urinal
Adventurer 2.7K 7.2K 55 Fit Pond
Sports Star 5.2K 13.6K 99 Fit Trophy
Soccer Player 5.3K 9.8K 180 Fit Barbells
Baseball Player 8.0K 19.2K Fit
Pro Golfer 11.4K 28.2K Fit
Tour Guide 2.0K 4.2K 55 Hob Microwave
Designer 2.8K 8.4K 99 Hob Leather Chair
Potter 2.7K 4.4K 180 Hob Glass Divider
Photographer 3.7K 8.2K Hob Frame
Cosmetician 5.2k 13.6K ~320? Hob
Alchemist 8.0K 28.2K ~450? Hob
Stage Actor 2.1K 4.9K 25 Cha Guitar
Amateur Model 2.4K 3.5K 99 Cha Washing Machine
Comedian 3.8K 7.2K 180 Cha Colorful Rug
Supermodel 6.0K 12.7K 250 Cha Conifer
Hit Singer 8.7K 22.7K ~320? Cha
Movie Star 10.5K 23.9K ~450? Cha
Journalist 2.1K 3.2K 25 Study Leather Sofa
Doctor 4.4K 13.4K 55 Study Combo Washer
Teacher 5.9K 12.6K 99 Study
Mechanic 2.7K 7.2K 25 Technology Loveseat
Engineer 4.8K 18.0K 55 Technology Kitchen Table
Spy 5.3K 8.7K 99 Technology
Pro Gamer 2.3K 4.5K 25 Games Antique Sofa
Programmer 4.1K 10.8K 55 Games Large Safe
Producer 7.5K 24.3K 99 Games
Film Director 2.8k 8.4K 25 Movies Electric Organ
Astronaut 3.4K 5.6K 55 Movies White Curtains
Spacefarer 7.5K 24.3K 99 Movies Juice Bar
Comic Artist 3.4K 6.8K 25 Reading Closet
Scholar 4.4K 13.4K 55 Reading Island Kitchen
Kairosofty 9.4K 25.1K 99 Reading
Conductor 2.1K 3.2K 25 Music Pink Bed
Composer 3.7K 8.2K 55 Music Karaoke Bar
Artist 6.4K 16.5K 99 Music
Athlete 2.5K 4.7K 25 Sports Young Tree
Ping-Pong Pro 4.1K 9.7K 55 Sports Entrance Set
Sumo Wrestler 3.7K 5.4K 99 Sports
Dancer 2.3K 4.5K 25 Exercise Grass Rug
Ballet Dancer 4.1K 10.8K 55 Exercise Big Tree
Ninja 6.9K 20.3K 99 Exercise
Gardener 2.8K 8.4K 25 Pets L-Shaped Sofa
Nurse 3.4K 5.6K 55 Pets Wall Lamp
Investor 5.9K 12.6K 99 Pets
Barista 2.5K 5.9K 25 Collecting Red Desk
Appraiser 4.4K 13.4K 55 Collecting Whirlpool Bath
Oil Magnate 8.5K 28.7K 99 Collecting
Consultant 2.1K 3.2K 25 Chatting Hedge
Storyteller 3.7K 8.2K 55 Chatting Convenience Store
News Anchor 6.9K 18.7K 99 Chatting
Food Server 2.7K 7.2K 25 Cooking Wardrobe
Pastry Chef 4.4K 13.4K 55 Cooking
3-Star Chef 8.0K 28.2K 99 Cooking
Apparel Clerk 2.3K 4.5K 25 Fashion Dining Table
Esthetician 4.1K 10.8K 55 Fashion Grand Piano
Beautician 5.9K 14.9K 99 Fashion
Taxi Driver 2.8k 8.4K 25 Cars
Jockey 3.4K 5.6K 55 Cars Cypress Bath
Race Car Driver 28.2K 99 Cars

Additional FactsEdit

  • As tenants go to work, the levels of their respective jobs are more likely to rise. Their monthly incomes increase along with their job levels, which should help collect the rent.
  • You cannot change the Homemaker job.