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Kairosoft Co, Ltd. is the Tokyo-based software developer responsible for creating the games found on this wiki.

Kairosoft puts references to itself throughout its games. In addition to the Kairobot character, one of the companies that may be mentioned in the awards ceremonies in Game Dev Story is named Kairoloft.


Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story, their 1st English release

Among English speakers, Kairosoft is mostly known for its mobile simulation games, which are released on the Android and iOS markets. Their first western release was Game Dev Story in December 2010. The game was a hit, becoming one of the top 10 games in the iOS App Store in about a week. Since their 2010 debut, Kairosoft has translated and released over 20 games for the English market.

As of July 2013, 7 of those translated titles are exclusive to Android. The U.S. Android store has also received 3 untranslated games: Card Change, Meimon poketto gakuin 1 (Prestigious Pocket Academy), and Oozora hekutaaru nouen (Sky-acre Farm). Although the Android store has received more unique games, the iOS versions tend to be cheaper. Additionally, iOS apps allow the user to switch freely between English and Japanese translations, rather than requiring separate purchases as the Android store does.

Meimon poketto gakuin 1

Meimon poketto gakuin 1 is available for Android

While Kairosoft's Western storefronts are limited to the Android and iOS app stores, the company has developed for other platforms in Japan. The company has developed games for PC, DoCoMo, and Softbank. Today, they still develop for DoCoMo, Android, and iOS. More accurately, they develop for DoCoMo, port to Japanese Android and iOS, and then translate and port to English Android and iOS. Thus there are several steps before a Kairosoft game reaches our shops.
ex: Japanese mobile --> iOS (Japanese) --> iOS (English)


To see a list of Kairosoft's work, check out the gameography page.


According to, Kairosoft was founded in 1996 and later incorporated September 2007. The company's headquarters is located in the Nishi-Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Japan. The current president is Kazuyuki Usui (臼井和之), and the company tends to keep a workforce of "about 9". According to the Japanese wikipedia article, the company has ¥9,000,000 ($89K) in capital.

In addition to making software, it appears that the company also offers consulting and production services related to video, music, and sound. Kairosoft has attempted to make inroads into the Chinese market with their games Game Developing Countries (ゲーム発展途上国) and Manga okunohosomichi (まんが奥の細道).

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