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Welcome to the Kairosoft Wiki, a database of all games by Kairosoft Ltd., released for either Android or iOS. With 526 article pages and 3,466 images uploaded to date, the Kairosoft Wiki is the top resource for Kairosoft games.

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Gb English Releases

(New) Apple logo Tennis Club Story released for IOS 9 February 2016
Just shortly after an English release on Android, Tennis Club Story is now also available on English iOS! Buy yours today! (Discuss) (Reddit) (App Store)
Android logo Tennis Club Story released for Android 2 February 2016
Tennis Club Story is a tennis team management sim, were you must train players and play minigames to beat opposing teams and rise to the top, all while gaining money through prizes and sponsors. (Discuss) (Reddit) (App Store)
Apple logo Anime Studio Story released for iOS 28 January 2016
The second iOS port within two months, Anime Studio Story has finally made it's way to apple devices. If you like Game Dev Story and anime/manga, then this game may interest you! While largely the same in gameplay, Anime Studio Story adds a few different mechanics, and puts a slightly different spin on their icon game. (Discuss) (Reddit) (App Store)

Jp Japanese Releases

Android logo "Mini Garden City Railway" (箱庭シティ鉄道) released on Android in Japan 29 January 2016
A new game about train station simulation released in Japan. This one is a paid game but also seems to feature IAPs too. (Discuss) (Reddit) (App Store)

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