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Welcome to the Kairosoft Wiki, a database of all games by Kairosoft Ltd., released for either Android or iOS. With 632 article pages and 4,989 images uploaded to date, the Kairosoft Wiki is the top resource for Kairosoft games.

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Gb English Releases

Android logoApple logo 8-Bit Farm released on Android and iOS 5 February 2017
Another farming simulation, this game focuses on animals, although there is tons to do including some plant farming. (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)
Android logoApple logo March to a Million released on Android and iOS(Jan 26) 24 January 2017
After a long wait, a new English release is here! In this game you must manage a talent agency to find talent, manage events, help your stars earn fans, and become the representative for all the top talent in the world. (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)

Jp Japanese Releases

Android logo Baseball Club Story (野球部ものがたり) release on Android in Japan 31 January 2017
A new sports sim, we'll see if they live up to expectations from their other sport game releases. (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play)
Android logo Shimmering Ski Slopes (きらめきスキー白書) released on Android in Japan 28 December 2016
In this seasonal title, run a ski resort where your visitors enjoy the brisk outdoors, and then build them attractions to enjoy the warmth of your lodge. (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play)

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