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Welcome to the Kairosoft Wiki, a database of all games by Kairosoft Ltd., released for either Android or iOS. With 361 article pages and 1,323 images uploaded to date, the Kairosoft Wiki is the top resource for Kairosoft games.

Latest News

"Munch Munch Kairo-kun" (ぱくぱくカイロくん) released in Japan for AndroidNov 4, 14
A fun little *free* non-management game, "Munch Munch Kairo-kun" has you control Kairobot to help him get all the deserts on the map, among other amusing and cute things. "ぱく" is the Japanese sound effect for *munch* or *chomp*.[1] (Discuss)
"Dream revitalization mall" (夢おこし商店街) released in Japan for AndroidOct 27, 14
In this title, which seems similar to Pocket Clothier, you run a a couple local stores, and must compete with other local stores, while also helping to develop the city. "Dream revitalization mall" is a fun addition to their releases, and will hopefully make it's way onto the English market soon. (Discuss)
"Anime Studio Story" (アニメスタジオ物語) released in Japan for AndroidOct 16, 14
As any Kairosoft fan is familiar, their first game - Game Dev Story - had no building placement / management; instead, you simply created games and managed your staff. This game is reminiscent of this play-style, with many added goodies and new features. Hopefully we'll see this title in English soon. (Discuss) [More news] |

Kairosoft Games

Above is a list of Kairosoft games that have been released in English on any platform. This is not a complete list of all Kairosoft games however; a complete list (including those only available in Japan) can be found on the Gameography. Games released on the Android / iOS can be found on KairoPark.

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