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Welcome to the Kairosoft Wiki, a database of all games by Kairosoft Ltd., released for either Android or iOS. With 454 article pages and 2,822 images uploaded to date, the Kairosoft Wiki is the top resource for Kairosoft games.

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Gb English Releases

Android logo Bonbon Cakery released for Android Mar 5, 15
Bonbon Cakery is a bakery sim, where you manage a small shop and food truck, and must satisfy kneady customers while attempting to impress food critics and judges. With so many new games released recently, make sure to find some time for sleep! (Discuss) (Reddit) (App Store)

Jp Japanese Releases

(New) Apple logo "Dragging!! Cat Rebel" (ひっぱり!!ネコ番長) released in Japan for iOS Apr 14, 15
Kairosoft has released their first platformer to the apple app store! This game steps away from the typical Kairosoft sim game, and instead does something completely different, much like CARD CHANGE and "Munch Munch Kairo-kun". Being a free(mium) game, you can install it for free, so it's worth a download! It's also the first non-sim game Kairosoft has release on Android and iOS, so we may be seeing it in English soon! (Discuss) (Reddit) (App Store)

Wiki News

(New) External Links Apr 16, 15
A few weeks ago every main page for a game was given a new section, right under the gallery; External Links. This section contains useful links to non-wiki resources for the game, such as links to app stores, Japanese wiki (and translation link), and the official page for it located on (also with a translation link). No longer must you find all these links yourself!

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