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Welcome to the Kairosoft Wiki, a database of all games by Kairosoft Ltd., released for either Android or iOS. With 304 article pages and 1,269 images uploaded to date, the Kairosoft Wiki is the top resource for Kairosoft games.

Latest News

World Cruise Story released for iOSMar 17, 14
In World Cruise Story you own a cruise liner, and cater to your customers every whim and fancy. You can build not only the inside of your boat, but the outside as well, with new clients getting on and old ones getting off at different stops. (Discuss)

Ninja Village released on iOSJan 30, 14
Yet another new iOS port, Ninja Village is now available for iPhone users in Japan. While not yet available on the iPhone in English, this game is one to look forward to. The twist in this game is to fight surrounding areas for control, to expand your territory and help your shogun unify Japan, using the overwhelming force of your ninja army! (Discuss) [More news] |

Kairosoft Games

Above is a list of Kairosoft games that have been released in English on any platform. This is not a complete list of all Kairosoft games however; a complete list (including those only available in Japan) can be found on the Gameography. Games released on the Android / iOS can be found on KairoPark.

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