This wiki was founded on the 24th of June, 2011 with the goal to completely document all games related to Kairosoft. The Kairosoft Wiki currently has 699 articles and 5,744 files, all uploaded by many different and unique users.

The Kairosoft Wiki is in no way affiliated with © Kairosoft Co., Ltd. We have no contact with Kairosoft, and this wiki is not monitored by any Kairosoft staff. This wiki is run by fans for fans.


The wiki was founded by ThrownTariq, who didn't make an edit after the first day. A little over a year later, the wiki was picked up, and later adopted, by Fewfre, who spruced up the design, added page placeholders, and added a few basic pages to get interest increased. While still active, Fewfre doesn't add information as much anymore, sticking more to administrative duties.

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