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Overview Edit

Labels are record companies where artists joined. Artists must join a label before they can create new songs and release it to the public. There are 10 labels in the game and 9 of them can be joined. Labels are categorized into ranks. Each label is assigned to a rank. It's harder to join higher ranked label. New label will appear when the company ranks up.

Artists must first pay an application fee to join an audition to a label. If the artist managed to pass the audition, (s)he will be able to join the label. To pass an audition, artists must fulfill 2 criterias : Total stats and minimum stat. Some higher ranked label may also have other requirements to pass their auditions.

Each label has a yearly award given to the best artist that joined them. This award will be given in M12 each year. Artists that won an award will increase in motivation and may also cause the companies to increase in rank.

Labels List Edit

Name Flavor Text Rank Fee Minimum Stat Total Stats Note
Laugh Records (March to a Million)
Laugh Records
First step into this industry. Almost all applicants are accepted. 1 300G 1 1
Smith & Smith Group (March to a Million)
Smith & Smith Group
A well-established record label. Accepts most applicants. 1 1,200G 10 80
Shade Records (March to a Million)
Shade Records
Specialists in blues. Good voice and pitch are a must. 2 2,000G 18 130
Animaster Records (March to a Million)
Animaster Records
Favored by anime song artists and voice actors. 2 4,000G 26 170
Classic Corp (March to a Million)
Classic Corp
Famous label. They're picky about who they accept. 3 8,000G 70 600
Nu Voice Records (March to a Million)
Nu Voice Records
Popular with up-and-coming artists. They require dance skills and charisma. 3 20,000G 150 1,000
Unibrow Records (March to a Million)
Unibrow Records
Famous label. They're picky about who they accept. 4 35,000G 180 1,200
Bearington Records (March to a Million)
Bearington Records
Specialists in children's songs. Also popular with moms. 4 55,000G 230 1,600
Kairo Records (March to a Million)
Kairo Records
An amazing label. They only accept the very best. 5 65,536G 280 2,600 Appear after winning award from World Million Award Group
World Million Award Group (March to a Million)
World Million Award Group
An international label. Most of their associated singers are female. 5 33,333G 1 1 Unjointable. Starts giving award after reaching rank-5 office?

Passing Auditions Edit

To pass auditions, artists must score at least 11 points in the audition. These points are counted from the stats of the artist. Some labels especially higher ranked labels also considers the awards an artist got in their career.

As seen in the table, each label has a minimum stat and total stats value. This is the value that the label uses when judging an audition for new members. This values are compared to the stats to the artist who joins the audition.

Note that having aura active while doing an audition gives a boost to the stats for the auditon. Yellow aura gives additional 3% boost to stats, while blue, red and rainbow auras adds 5%, 7% and 10% boost instead.

A 7 base point is given to artists that fulfills the total stats requirement. While another 4 base point is given to artists that fulfills the minimum stat requirement.

Minimum stat is counted from the lowest stat of an artist. It doesn't matter which stat is it as long it's the lowest. While total stats is total number of all stats.

The actual point received are scaled on the difference of the artist stats and the requirements.

Actual point = (rounded down) Artist's stats ÷ Label's required stats X Base Point.

Note that it's possible for artists to pass auditions although it failed one the stat requirements. As long as the total points required reached 11 and the other requirement is fulfilled, the artist will pass the audition. A possible scenario is when an artist didn't fulfill the minimum stat requirement but has enough total stats that give him more than 7 points, enough to pass the audition.

Artists' career's award requirements Edit

Some high ranked labels also look at the artist's career and see what awards he received.

Here are the labels that require artist's career award for their audition :

  • Nu Voice Records : Artist must won an award from 1 label.
  • Unibrow Records : Artist must won 2 awards from 2 labels.
  • Bearington Records : Artist must won 5 awards from 5 labels.
  • Kairo Records : Artist must won 8 awards from 8 labels.