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You can unlock Local Supporters from Principal's Office, by Y2 M8 (confirmation needed).

A certain team has to be defeated or certain number of fame is required to unlock certain Local Supporters.

Difficulty will depend on your current fame, and it will be reduced once you reach a certain number of fame points.

Sponsor Requirements Negotiation Fee Financial Support
Sporty Sports 7 Sports (Home Run High) 200
S Mart 13 Nature (Home Run High) 200
Zappy Eletricals 10 Fun (Home Run High) 300
Dee Railways 11 Fun (Home Run High) 300
Department Store 10 Fun (Home Run High) 400
Monumental Park 17 Nature (Home Run High) 600
Folk Craft Union 14 Study (Home Run High) 600
Hip Star Club 15 Fun (Home Run High) 600
Armor Admirers 14 Sports (Home Run High) 600
Charming Shrine 14 Study (Home Run High) 600
Appealing Apparel 14 Fun (Home Run High) 600
Gumshoe Stuntmen 1100 fame 15 Study (Home Run High) 600
Oodles of Noodles 1200 fame 14 Fun (Home Run High) 600
Horseshoe Ranch 15 Nature (Home Run High) 600
Hunters Association 28 Nature (Home Run High) 900
De Sade Chiropreactors 18 Sports (Home Run High) 900
Swappit Shop 28 Nature (Home Run High) 900
Ninja Manor Crawley High 20 Sports (Home Run High) 900
Tuna Troller Runmore High 19 Nature (Home Run High) 900
Peachy Storage Slumpstead High 29 Fun (Home Run High) 900
Dragonbreath Curry Mendoza High 20 Fun (Home Run High) 900
Timeless Temple Mitting High 18 Study (Home Run High) 900
Tourism Agency 20 Fun (Home Run High) 900
Maharaja Curry Taiwon High 20 Sports (Home Run High) 1100
English Language School 28 Fun (Home Run High) 1500
Brawny Bros 29 Sports (Home Run High) 1500
Bearington Construction 31 Sports (Home Run High) 1600
Ackbar Oil 32 Study (Home Run High) 1600
Wairo Corporation 33 Fun (Home Run High) 1600
Chimpan Bananas 50 Nature (Home Run High) 1700
Pecking Duck 20 Fun (Home Run High) 1500
Kairo Co. 4000 fame 36 Sports (Home Run High) 1800
Sally Prin Trust 5000 fame 55 Fun (Home Run High)

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