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Scouting LocationsEdit

Location Cost Unlock Condition
Mall $35K
Initially Available
River $45K
Initially Available
Cinema $50K Scout Mall, Research 89K
Town Square $30K
Initially Available
Pool $50K Scout River-2, Research 389K
Rec Center $25K Finish Merging with Nexton
Forest 85K Finish Merging with East Crouton
Field 40K Scout Rec Center-2, Research 389K
Mountain 105K Finish Merging with Magma Town
Shrine 65K Scout Forest-2, Research 539K
City Center 120K Finish Merging with Ninjaville
Farm 75K Scout Mountain-2, Research 914K
Seaside 130K Finish Merging with Sleepytown
Sports Park 65K Finish Merging with Penguinton
Lakeshore 70K Scout Seaside-2, Research 764K
Hot Spring 90K Finish Merging with Alpine
Gym 65K Scout Sports Park-2, Research 1,214K
Church 80K Finish Merging with Citron
Zoo 85K Scout Hot Spring-2, Research 1,064K
Racetrack 60K Finished Merging with Highburg
Theme Park 140K Scout Church-2, Research 1,439K

Feature ThemesEdit

Theme Cost Unlock Condition
Shopping 45K
Initially Available
Dodgeball 35K
Initially Available
Fishing 40K
Initially Available
Stunts 30K
Initially Available
Baked Potatoes 15K
Initially Available
Soccer 75K Scouting
Reading 35K
Initially Available
Bug Catching 30K Scouting
Dating 50K Scouting
Musicals 65K Scouting
Banquets 55K Scouting
Hiking 50K Scouting
Barbecuing 45K Scouting
Chess 35K Scouting
Gardening 35K Scouting
Martial Arts 25K Scouting
Wrestling 30K Scouting
Treasure Hunts 65K Scouting
Hunting 50K Scouting
Fireworks 60K Scouting
Adventures 45K Scouting
Dancing 45K Scouting
Dieting 30K Scouting
Pollen 25K Scouting
Haiku 55K Scouting
Slot Machines 20K Scouting
Tractors 45K Scouting
Swimsuits 60K Scouting
Ghosts 35K Scouting
Gymnastics 25K Scouting
Golf 55K Scouting
Pajamas 55K Scouting
Camping 65K Scouting
Riding Horses 65K Scouting
Ninjas 50K Scouting
Puzzles 10K Scouting
Skiing 50K Scouting
Watermelon 10K Scouting
Pearls 70K Scouting
Bread Making 15K
Initially Available
Sumo Wrestling 40K Scouting
Healing 50K Scouting
Cosplay 60K Scouting
Festivals 60K
Initially Available
B&Bs 80K Scouting
Tours 40K Scout Mountain
Gambling 55K Scouting
Walking 30K Scout Pool
Pottery 30K Scouting
Motorsports 75K Scouting
Marathons 20K Scout Mountain
Baseball 60K Scouting
Sketching 40K Scouting
Cake 55K Scouting
Horoscopes 50K Scouting
Christmas 75K Scouting
Backgammon 25K Scouting
Mushrooms 90K Scouting
Pranks 95K Scouting


Angle Cost Unlock Condition
Kids 25K
Initially Available
Housewives 45K
Initially Available
Students 35K
Initially Available
Businesswomen 50K
Initially Available
Businessmen 55K
Initially Available
Couples 75K Scout Pool-2
Seniors 45K Scout Field-2
Families 55K Scout Farm-2
Animals 65K Scout Zoo-2
Celebrities 80K Scout Racetrack-2