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Review MessageEdit

Message Points
The game of the century! 10
An amazingly large game! 10
I bought 3 copies myself. 10
A masterpiece!! 10
Perfect! 10
Amazing! I'm impressed! 10
This'll go down in history! 10
It's... so beautiful...! 10
I had a ball with this one! 9
I play this one every day! 9
A rare masterpiece!! 9
I was about to cry! 9
Everybody loved it! 9
A guaranteed hit! 9
An instant classic! 9
I can't wait to play more! 9
They did a great job. 9
I had a lot of fun with it! 8
Best game of the year. 8
My pick of the week. 8
Its content was good. 7
Rough around the edges. 7



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