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Merchandises provides extra income to the company. They are sold automatically. However, extra sales can be achieved when artists are doing a live concert.

New merchandises are generally unlocked by completing concerts' bonus achievements. Pumpkin will then come to offer to stock with the new unlocked merchandises.

Merchandises compatibilites depends on the the artist's specialty. If an artist change specialty, be aware that the currently tied-in merchandises may have different compatibilities. There are 5 Compatibilities values, starting from "Perfect" which has the best compatibilities, followed by "Good", "Normal", "Bad" and finally "Terrible" which has the worst compatiblities.

List Edit

Name Flavor Text Unlocked
Badge (March to a Million)
Some even collect them
T-Shirt (March to a Million)
Casual wear
Canvas Bag (March to a Million)
Canvas Bag
Useful for shopping
Keychain (March to a Million)
Makes a good souvenir
Mug (March to a Million)
Features the singer's photo
Calendar (March to a Million)
Sells okay all year long
Perfume (March to a Million)
Smells just like the singer
Sweets (March to a Million)
The box is extra special
Pillow (March to a Million)
Dream of your fave singer
Purse (March to a Million)
Pretty, girly design
Leather Jacket (March to a Million)
Leather Jacket
Makes you instantly cool
Towel (March to a Million)
Super-soft, made with natural fibers
Guitar (March to a Million)
Feel like a musician yourself
Glow Stick (March to a Million)
Glow Stick
Bring to all the gigs
DVD (March to a Million)
Buy to find out what's on it
Toilet Paper (March to a Million)
Toilet Paper
Addictively soft
Boxers (March to a Million)
Can always use an extra pair
Cell Phone (March to a Million)
Cell Phone
Packet with apps you don't need
Watch (March to a Million)
Has a high-class brand feel to it
Audio Player (March to a Million)
Audio Player
Listen  to music on the go
Silver Ring (March to a Million)
Silver Ring
Treat yourself, You deserve it
Massage Chair (March to a Million)
Massage Chair
Relax after a lively gig
Sports Car (March to a Million)
Sports Car
Be as fast as the wind
Gold Bar (March to a Million)
Gold Bar
It's real. BIte it.

Compatibilities Edit

Name Popular Singer Dance Genius Folk Idol Superidol Blues Legend Guitar Hero Angelic Voice Cutie Pie
Badge Good Normal Normal Perfect Bad Normal Good Perfect
T-Shirt Good Good Good Perfect Normal Good Good Perfect
Canvas Bag Normal Normal Normal Good Good Normal Good Good
Keychain Good Good Good Perfect Good Good Good Perfect
Mug Good Normal Normal Normal Good Normal Good Good
Calendar Good Perfect Perfect Good Perfect Perfect Normal Normal
Perfume Normal Good Perfect Perfect Good Good Perfect Good
Sweets Normal Bad Bad Perfect Bad Normal Normal Good
Pillow Bad Bad Terrible Good Terrible Terrible Good Perfect
Purse Normal Perfect Bad Perfect Normal Bad Normal Perfect
Leather Jacket Normal Good Perfect Terrible Normal Perfect Terrible Terrible
Towel Good Perfect Normal Perfect Good Normal Normal Good
Guitar Good Normal Perfect Bad Bad Perfect Perfect Bad
Glow Stick Good Good Bad Perfect Bad Good Normal Perfect
DVD Good Bad Bad Perfect Normal Bad Good Perfect
Toilet Paper Normal Terrible Bad Normal Good Normal Normal Good
Boxers Bad Normal Normal Terrible Terrible Perfect Terrible Terrible
Cell Phone Normal Good Normal Perfect Good Good Normal Perfect
Watch Perfect Good Perfect Normal Perfect Perfect Terrible Normal
Audio Player Good Perfect Good Perfect Good Perfect Bad Perfect
Silver Ring Normal Good Good Terrible Perfect Good Normal Normal
Massage Chair Normal Terrible Terrible Terrible Good Terrible Bad Terrible
Sports Car Terrible Terrible Terrible Bad Terrible Bad Terrible Terrible
Gold Bar Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Normal Terrible
Name Rock Legend Heartbreaker Anime Song Pro Popstatic Balladeer Heavy Metal Supernova Star Quality
Badge Good Good Perfect Normal Normal Normal Good Good
T-Shirt Perfect Good Perfect Normal Normal Normal Good Good
Canvas Bag Bad Bad Good Normal Bad Terrible Bad Perfect
Keychain Good Good Perfect Good Good Good Good Good
Mug Normal Good Good Normal Normal Bad Normal Good
Calenmdar Bad Good Normal Perfect Good Good Good Perfect
Perfume Good Perfect Normal Good Perfect Good Perfect Good
Sweets Normal Good Good Bad Bad Terrible Normal Normal
Pillow Normal Good Perfect Bad Normal Terrible Normal Bad
Purse Bad Normal Good Normal Normal Terrible Good Perfect
Leather Jacket Perfect Normal Bad Normal Good Perfect Good Normal
Towel Good Normal Good Perfect Good Good Good Perfect
Guitar Good Normal Bad Perfect Good Perfect Good Good
Glow Stick Bad Normal Perfect Normal Normal Bad Normal Normal
DVD Bad Normal Good Normal Bad Bad Normal Bad
Toilet Paper Bad Bad Good Normal Bad Bad Normal Normal
Boxers Perfect Bad Terrible Normal Good Perfect Normal Normal
Cell Phone Normal Good Perfect Good Good Good Perfect Good
Watch Perfect Perfect Normal Good Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect
Audio Player Good Perfect Perfect Good Perfect Good Perfect Good
Silver Ring Good Good Terrible Bad Good Good Perfect Perfect
Massage Chair Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible
Sports Car Normal Bad Terrible Terrible Bad Normal Good Good
Gold Bar Bad Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Bad Normal Normal

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