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  • Hi Fewfre,

    Could you make an announcement here for the "Community Game Of The Year 2017" Awards?

    Original post:




    Feel free to hit me up on Reddit if any questions or a to reply to this ;)

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  • Hello there, I want to inform you that this IP seems to have vandalised this page, could you review their contributions and take any necessary actions? Thanks!

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  • Hmmm... Been a while. Anyway, since the last update, I've made changes to pretty much every page regarding Grand Prix Story 2. Changes so far:

    Added a lot of missing info to the Parts, Vehicles, Sponsors, and Structures pages.

    Made a "fans" table on the items page which includes all fans in the game and their gifts, it still needs a lot of work to do though. Please check the page out and tell me what you think.

    Made a new "training" header on the Staff page that discusses training in detail with a new training table that lists all the training methods in the game with their details. I can now safely say that the staff page is 100% complete and error free.

    Made a new header on the Raffles page that looks kinda dull. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

    That sums it up. Now there are 2 major issues here though:

    1. The Races page. Specifically, the "Grand Prix Races" header. I barely made any edits to that page, they were just grammatical oriented. Aside from the ancient terrible edits that fill that header, half of it are false/misleading info. As for the Grand Prix list? Saying that they're half empty would be a compliment; as those barely include 10% of the game's content, let alone the races table which, literally, includes like 1% of the overall content. The issue here is not even fixing the errors, but that providing the necessary data is, pretty much, almost impossible. I suggest we delete those ugly tables for good; as I doubt that anybody searches for or cares about those extreme details anyways...

    2. The "Aura" header on the resources page. It's the last remaining relic of PichuYang's terrible editing alongside the Races page. The aura levels are clearly false and are based on nothing, and there is no proof regarding what affects the initial aura stage of a particular staff whatsoever. The header is also filled with a lot of out-of-context lines. I suggest we delete the whole thing or copy paste the aura header from the tips page and edit it into a bullet format. Or actually... Move that to the Staff page because that would be MUCH more fitting.

    Okay, that's all I wanted to talk about for now. Oh, over 400 words... I'm such a nerdy geeky autistic girl, I mean, who even pays attention to the number of words used in a random post on a message wall...? ( -w-)

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    • Sorry for late reply, viewed the message and forgot to reply.

      I think the fans and raffle sections seems good, and the training table looks nice.

      1. Misleading how? And I think the tables are fine; it's nice knowing what races there are if nothing else, and people can slowly add to it as they find stuff. We could remove some of the columns, but even if they don't have much info currently some are kinda nice to know (like wether a track has multiple laps are not; a track could look short but you could actually need a car that handles better on long races). Someone added a lot of the info, so I assume it's helpful to someone. It might just be nice having some idea how the game is laid out if you've never played before.
      2. Auras never depend on the characters stats in other games, so agreed that sounds fake (and can likely easily be disproven). I agree it should be on the staff page. I think having a list of what can be affected is nice, and even if not as a bullet list, if the color of auras matter, it would be nice mentioning the order of strength and the impact stronger auras have.
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I stop swearing talking or think Fewfre!

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    • You are not being banned for swearing. You're being banned for spamming.

      I will say this one last time.

      • No one from Kairosoft reads this wiki. We have no connection with them.
      • Don't spam the comments / forum asking for translations.
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I really sorry!

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    Fewfre closed this thread because:
    Nothing to discuss
    15:17, November 9, 2017
  • Fewfre, I added and edited some info from the staff in grand prix story 2. Can you help me do the final check? I don't have time to check since I need to do the project so, Sorry! and Thank you!!!!!!!!

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  • Fewfre! I need your help! Since i'm new i don't know where to start? I have a tip to make a page but i don't know how and i discover a hidden skills for driver and mechanic but i don't have a support to post on. I already asked Pudding Veil to help but still not enough proof to support and how? So, I asking you can you help me ?

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    • The button to create a page is on the top right (button to the right of "703 PAGES" text).

      If the page would end up being very short though, consider adding the content to the "staff" page instead. That way people don't have to load a whole page for 1 small table.

      If you do add a page, make sure to add it to the game nav by hitting the little edit button on it (or ask me to).

      And Wikia has this page which might help answer some questions: Help:Getting Started

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    • Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Fewfre

    You obviously noticed that user Lilpup5555 making worthless edits and trying to take charge. My whole October has sadly turned into following this user round the internet because he keeps copying content from our wiki (Rainbow Magic Wiki) and pasting them onto other unrelated wikis and he's done this quite a few times now. If the user does anything else, please consider adding to my forum [1]. Thank you.

    LexsJBTalk 20:07, October 21, 2017 (UTC)

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    • Yes, I've noticed. Already reported them to wikia for giving legal advice (and in such a way that makes it sound like it's official plus making a news post about it). And I've also removed the pages they created acting like an admin.

      Thanks for taking the time to inform me of this user, if nothing else I've been wondering where the messages were being copied from. I hope your troll gets dealt with.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am really sorry to tell that the COPPA has been updated, which means that once you get protection for this wiki, no Fandom Users will have the ability to contribute to this wiki. You can visit Wikia Labs via your admin dashboard to turn on the feature "Require all contributors to log in".

    Yours truly, Lilpup5555 (talk) 11:31, October 16, 2017 (UTC)

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    Cal-Boy closed this thread because:
    23:38, October 16, 2017
    • No offense, but your not wikia staff as far as I can tell and should not be be messaging other users in a legal advisory capacity, especially without a link to an official news post by wikia. Plus, an official report from wikia would not ask, they would simply make an announcement that all wikis will do this for legal reasons and just require logins after removing that option. They likely know of the issue (if there is one) and are either handling it or planning to make an announcement. It would be safest to wait. The wiki won't be taken down, as wikia would either lock all wiki immediately or figure out a way not to need to.

      Edit: If you wish to talk about this with wikia, please use the contact form, or discuss it on community central.

      Edit2: Please also see here. We've already had this discussion and wikia was fine with allowing anon discussions here.

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    • Also welcome to the wiki and and thanks for taking an interest.

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    • Hello Lilpup5555,

      FANDOM does not have COPPA updates. Turning on the protection for a wiki is a temporary method to protect the community from vandalism. It's not COPPA related. Please do not spread false information to our communities. If you have any questions, please visit our Community Central or contact us via Special:Contact. Thanks for your cooperation.

      Chen @fandom 23:38, October 16, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Which means you're has making to Pool sim himself Kairo Park JP games!

    See links Twitter

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    Fewfre closed this thread because:
    14:02, October 31, 2017
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