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This pages contains information on Kairosoft standalone minigames. These differ from normal games in length and complexity, and to some extent in how they are released and that they are usually based on one of their other games.

Jp [HTML5] Shiny Ski Resort "Where's Waldo?" minigameEdit


To play, click the big banner at the top. Once you do, the character at bottom right will transform and walk offscreen. Shortly after the game will start; you will be shown a character you must find, and you must then find them, often disguised or hiding behind something (or both). There are 5 levels, and after beating the game the game goes back to being a banner, and you cannot play again without refreshing the page.

Jp [HTML5] Animal matchingEdit


The screen shows 4 pens, and you must click on the animal in the pen that matches the animal walking along the bottom of the screen. You have 3 lives, which are used if you match the wrong animals. As the game goes on animals become faster and faster, with a fast disguised Kairobot that occasionally appears to mess you up. This game is inspired by 8-Bit Farm, which is advertised after you lose the game.

Jp [HTML5] Station Manager minigameEdit


As trains go by, the ones on the track close to you contain Kairobots. The goal of the minigame is to press the screen at just the right moment to have Kairobot successfully jump onto the platform.

Jp [HTML5] Legends of Heropolis minigameEdit

Link: (announcement)

To play, you have to click the big banner (once it loads), click "start" on the top right, then click on one of the bad guys.

Jp [HTML5] "magical girl Momoko-chan theater" Edit

Link: (announcement)

A little story book with some choices to choose from at points in the story.

Jp [HTML5] Horse racing minigameEdit

Link: (announcement)

You have to train your horse and wisely use your boosts to win all the races. Note: The original link to this game can been removed, and while the link currently works, it may not in the future.

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