Home Run High Guide

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Personality cannot be changed and every player has one. Its effects can be viewd under "Personal Training"/"Change Skills".

Name Effect
Airhead Slow on defense.
All Star Gets home runs with ease.
Attention Hog Seizes every chance to stand out.
Big Eater Items are more effective.
Bookworm Smarts increase faster.
Brilliant Batter HP and Batting improve faster.
Charmer Easily gets more fans.
Cool Dude Gets walks more often.
Destroyer Swings the bat like crazy.
Fun Lover Activities are more effective.
Gamer Gets lots of points from games.
Hardworker Drills are more effective
Healer HP recovers faster.
Hurrier Quick at stealing bases.
Leader Boosts abilities of the team.
Lover Easily gets more support.
Mechanic Good at bunting.
Old Man Can't run very fast.
Panicker Often wastes unique chances.
Perfect Pitcher Pitch Speed and Control improve faster.
Politician Fame increases faster.
Robust Runner HP and Running improve faster.
Smiler More EXP from games.
Underdog Powers up when team is losing.
Wrestler HP and Slugging improve faster.