A pink anthropomorphic rabbit.

Biz Builder DeluxEdit

When using the "Usami Form", the person wearing it will transform into a pink rabbit.

Bonbon CakeryEdit

He/She appears as a judge of the Safari Style contest.

Cafeteria NipponicaEdit

He/She appears as a customer.

High Sea SagaEdit

He/she appears as a "famed relic artisan" when you choose to upgrade a relic.

Ninja VillageEdit

He/She appears as a very strong enemy.

Pocket AcademyEdit

Aliases: Jon Benson

He/She appears as a possible teacher, as well as the rabbit in the rabbit room.

Pocket AcademyEdit

Aliases: Mimiko

A potential customer.

Pocket StablesEdit

Aliases: Rabi Bunn

Rabi Bunn gives Triomphe Stakes race and is a recruit-able jockey.

Venture TownsEdit

He/She appears as a resident.


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