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There are 6 planets in total.


When viewing, you may be able to see both "Earned" & "Spent" info of:
Earnings Income - Epic Astro Story
  • Products
  • Exploration
  • Facility
  • Maintenance
  • Personnel Costs
  • Development Costs
  • Other
  • Total
  • Research Points
  • Number of Guests

Planet InfoEdit

When viewing your own planet, you may see the info of:
Player Planet Info - Epic Astro Story
  • Planet Level
  • Percent of Developed (%)
  • Maintenance//Maint. ($ per month)
  • Number of Residents
  • Number of Products
    Uninvited Resident - Epic Astro Story
    Other Planet Info - Epic Astro Story
  • Number of Guests
  • Number of Special Development

When viewing other planet, you may see the info of:

  • Name
  • Image with type of Resident
  • Type of Relations
  • Rate of Relations
  • Exploration Rate
  • Number of Uninvited Residents

Player's Planet LevelEdit

Level Reward
1 Research Points
2 Shock Blade
3 Skill Book: "Guard"
4 Skill Book: "Rage"
5 Skill Book: "Sharpshooter"
6 Heat Axe
7 Skill Book: "Recovery"
8 Park
9 Wind Blade
10 Chimpan Z Suit

Planet Additional InfoEdit

There are 6 planets at all. The planet is sorted by number as ingame.

  • Description - Pirates block planetary relations.
  • Hint - Defeat them and tourists will come.
No Image Name Pun On Leader Color Spaceship Stagnant Normal Friendly
1 Octopi Planet - Epic Astro Story Octopi Octopus Octopi Emperor Red Octopi Spaceship - Epic Astro Story ? ? 50
2 R-Gray Planet - Epic Astro Story



Grey Alien ? Grey R-Gray Spaceship - Epic Astro Story 0 37 150
3 Tentaclus Planet - Epic Astro Story



Tentacle ? White Tentaclus Spaceship - Epic Astro Story 0
4 Saucer Planet - Epic Astro Story



? Saucer Emperor Grey Saucer Spaceship - Epic Astro Story
5 Planta Planet - Epic Astro Story




(Green Plant)

? Green

Planta Spaceship - Epic Astro Story

0 90
6 Mechabot Planet - Epic Astro Story



Machine Robot Mechabot Master Mixed Mechabot Spaceship - Epic Astro Story 0


  • The maximum level of planet is 10.
  • Look like the Octopi planet is same as real life Saturn planet.


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