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Principal's Office is where you can unlock new Tournaments, Facilities, Activities, Drills and Local Supporters.

More stuff can be unlocked when school stats level up.

Study Level Edit

Level Facilities Activities
1 Calligraphy Room
2 Road Safety Talk
4 School Open Day
5 Home Ec Room
6 Bean Throwing
8 School Trip

Sport Level Edit

Level Drills Facilities Activities
2 Bunt Class

Curveball Drill

3 Running

Slider Drill

4 Forkball Drill
5 Forward Bends

Shootball Drill

Sports Day

Sinker Drill

Toss Practice

7 Side Step Drill

Cutter Drill

8 Changeup Drill
9 Splitfinger Drill
10 Knuckle Drill

Fun Level Edit

Level Drills Facilities Activities
2 Swordfighting
3 Dodgeball Bantam Coop
4 Touch Rugby Watermelon Pinata
5 Sushi Shop
6 Snowball Fight
7 Grill Restaurant
8 Halloween Party
9 Spa?

Ghost House?


Nature Level Edit

Level Drills Facilities Activities
1 Grass
2 Sunbathing Weather Box Spring Picnic
3 Granite Paving
4 Marble Paving
5 Windmill
6 Autumn Colors
7 Gravel
8 Stone Paving? Apple Picking
9 Wood Boarding

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