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Races Edit

Races are the main (together with the booth) way to get money and the unique way to get experience for your rank . They can be joined by pressing the Menu, and then races.

Races will consume fuel (Depends also by cars), and durability of the cars, that can be repaired with time.

Types Edit

There are 4 types of races:

  • Normal races: a circuit where you try to get first, usually with 6-8 Bots. You receive a partecipation prize (always an item), some money (Depends by the position you finish the race), and another better item if you arrive first.
  • Licenses : you try to beat the circuit solo in a determinated time. When you beat the time, you have access of greater and more difficult races.
  • GP: multiple races on different tracks. You should have cars (or parts) adapted for every terrain, like a GT car for On-rd tracks, and a rally car for Off-rd tracks.
  • VS: It's like a normal race, but you must arrive first to win the race. You won't win item prizes, but you can unlock story mode structures like the Chimpman Lab. You can also duel with real players to win points (or to lose some if you don't win) and to obtain Grain, essential for creating eggs in the coop.

Difficulty Edit

Each race has its own difficulty, measured with stars. They go from zero stars to ten. The more stars races have, the more difficult it is.

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