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Recipe Lab is a game feature that is unlocked after 20 continous login days. Using Recipe Lab, players can upgrade existing recipes to modify their stats. Recipes that are currently being sold cannot be upgraded. After selecting which recipe to upgrade, players must choose upgrade course. Each courses has different materials and CP requirement. Harder upgrade course will reward more upgrade points but also is harder to complete. Upgrade process will take one month to complete.
If the upgrade requirement is not met during that time, the recipe being upgraded will be lost. However, players can pay the same number of CP required by the upgrade course again to extend the process by another month.

Upgrading a recipe requires some amount of upgrade materials (based on the chosen upgrade course). These upgrade materials will be collected automatically by Assistant through a mini-game. The mini-game requires the Assistant to move through a line of randomized circular tiles. Assistant will move forward a number of tiles according to the number of sweets that each customer in the store buy.  After finishing a lap, all the tiles will be randomized again. The higher the lap count, the better the tiles content are, allowing to reach the requirement goal faster. Players can use Sales Commands to help in this mini-game.

The tiles in the mini-game is varied in content. Positive tiles will reward some upgrade materials. There are also positive tiles that will multiply the current number of materials. There are also negative tiles which will reduce the collected upgrade materials and also some negative tiles can divide the current number of materials.
Some tiles can also switched between negative and positive. The final state will be determined when the assistant landed on the tile.
There are also special tile that will increase the JP (Jackpot Point) gauge. When the JP gauge is full, Jackpot state is triggered. During this, for the next 5 moves, all positive files will have their contents increased tremendously. Negative tiles will become empty tiles. Aside from the above tiles, there's also a mystery tile that will randomized the nearby tiles when landed on.

When the upgrade process is complete, players then can spend the upgrade points earned to modify the recipe stats.
Modifications can be done on 6 stats :

  • Volume
  • Taste
  • Aroma
  • Sweetness
  • Texture
  • Temperature

Each point of upgrade can be spent to increase or reduce each of the above stats.

For Sweetness, Texture and Temperature, the modification can be + 5 point of their original value.

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