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Scouting is used to explore locations to discover new locations, themes, and angles as well as new council projects and advertisers.

Scouting LocationsEdit

Note that to unlock the second course of a location, you only need to reach the end of the first course; you do not need 100% completion in the first area.  Reaching the end of the course will increase your magazine's expertise in that location.

Themes found in scouting locations are randomized for every playthrough. However, what things are found in which location are fixed in order they are listed in the table.
e.g : At Mall locatiom, the things found are 2 Themes, $100K and Map : Cinema Research. That means the 1st thing found in the location will always be a theme then followed by another theme, $100K and a Map : Cinema Research in the respective order.

Location's difficulty and walls' strength are determined by the order when the location are unlocked so it may differs slightly depending when locations are unlocked. In general, the first part of a location will always contain 2 walls while the second part will always have 3 walls.

Name Base Cost Unlocked Things Found
Mall 35.0K
Initially Available
2 Themes
Map : Cinema
Mall-2 50.0K Reach end of Mall Theme
Knowledge Point : 20
Train : Day Trading
Writer : Mimi Watts
River 50.0K
Initially Available
Project : Release Salmon
River-2 75.0K Reach end of River Theme
Map : Pool
Project: Costume Contest
Cinema 55.0K Complete "Map : Cinema" Research Theme
Writer : Maxwell Mays
Project: Film Festival
Cinema-2 80.0K Reach end of Cinema 2 Themes
Train : Walking
Writer : Kim James
Town Square 30.0K
Initially Available
Item : Crimson Cow
Project : Flea Market
Town Square-2 45.0K Reach end of Town Square Theme
Publicity: Pop Star
Recruit: Internship
Pool 60.0K Complete "Map : Pool" Research 2 Themes
Project: Water Slide
Pool-2 90.0K Reach end of Pool Theme
Angle : Couples
Train : Read News
Rec Center 35.0K Finish Merging with Nexton Theme
Writer:Michelle Lord
Project : Sewing Class
Rec Center-2 50.0K Reach end of Rec Center Theme
Knowledge Points 30
Map : Field
Publicity : Train Ads
Forest 100.0K Finish Merging with East Crouton Theme
Item : Crimson Cow
Project : Mushroom Growing
Forest-2 150.0K Reach end of Forest Theme
Map : Shrine
Publicity : TV Ads
Field 50.0K Complete "Map : Field" Research Theme
Knowledge Point : 30
Project : Fresh Fertilizer
Field-2 75.0K Reach end of Field Theme
Angle : Seniors
Writer : DeWitt Research
Mountain 115.0K Finish Merging with Magma Town 2 Themes
Project : Mountain Shack
Mountain-2 170.0K Reach end of Mountain Theme
Map : Farm
Train : Write Poetry
Shrine 80.0K Complete "Map : Shrine" Research Theme
Item : Job Change
Project : Mounted Archery
Shrine-2 120.0K Reach end of Shrine Theme
Publicity : Video Game
Recruit : College
City Center 135.0K Finish Merging with Ninjaville 2 Themes
Project : Fashion Show
City Center-2 200.0K Reach end of City Center Theme
Knowledge Point : 30
Train : Use Phone
Writer : Lulu Yang
Farm 85.0K Complete "Map : Farm" Research Theme
Knowledge Point : 30
Project : Rich Cheese
Farm-2 125.0K Reach end of Farm Theme
Angle : Families
Publicity : Blimp Ads
Seaside 150.0K Finish Merging with Sleepytown Theme
Project : Whale Watching
Seaside-2 225.0K Reach end of Seaside Theme
Map : Lakeshore
Train : Full Marathon
Sports Park 75.0K Finish Merging with Penguintown Theme
Item : Job Change
Project : Athletic Meet
Sports Park-2 110.0K Reach the end of Sports Park Theme
Map : Gym
Writer : Rafael Pitt
Lakeshore 80.0K Complete "Map : Lakeshore" Research 2 Themes
Project : Fishing Contest
Lakeshore-2 120.0K Reach end of Lakeshore Theme
Publicity : Name Stadium
Train : Painting Class
Hot Spring 105.0K Finish Merging with Alpine Theme
Project : Pajama Contest
Hot Spring-2 155.0K Reach the end of Hot Spring Theme
Item : Job Change
Map : Zoo
Recruit : Headhunting
Gym 70.0K Complete "Map : Gym" Research Theme
Knowledge Point : 40
Project : Karate Class
Gym-2 105.0K Reach the end of Gym Theme
Train : Read Dictionary
Writer : Mark Hamm
Church 90.0K Finish Merging with Citron Theme
Project : Weddings
Church-2 135.0K Reach the end of Church Theme
Map : Theme Park
Train : Typing Class
Zoo 95.0K Complete "Map : Zoo" Research Theme
Project : Petting Zoo
Zoo-2 140.0K Reach the end of Zoo Theme
Angle : Animals
Train : Brainstorming
Racetrack 65.0K Finish Merging with Highburg Theme
Project : G1 Stakes
Racetrack-2 95.0K Reach end of Racetrack Theme
Angle : Celebrities
Publicity : Space Station
Theme Park 155.0K Complete "Map : Theme Park" Research Theme
Project : Roller Coaster
Theme Park-2 230.0K Reach end of Theme Park 2 Themes
Train : World Travel

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