Home Run High Guide

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Skills can be acquired through Drills. You can set them under "Personal Training".

Batting (Blue)
Name Effect Stars Obtained from
Batting Eye BB rate up, strike-out rate down ** Tee Batting
Bunt Specialist Higher bunting accuracy ** Bunting Posture
Chance-Spotter Never misses an opportunity. ** Tee Batting

Mental Prep

Home Runner Reliable Batter ** Bench Presses
LHP Destroyer Strong against left-handed pitchers ** Swinging
Mental Prep
RHP Destroyer Strong against right-handed pitchers ** Swinging
Mental Prep
Bat Control Can hit the ball to anywhere in the field *** Toss Batting
Grand Slammer Super powers up when all bases are fully loaded. ***
Secret Weapon Can save you with a home run when you think all is lost. *** Bench Presses
General (Orange)
Name Effect Stars Obtained from
Accuracy Up Batting + 30 * Swinging
Mental Prep
Fast Pitcher Pitch Speed + 30 * Bird Shooter
Sharp Mind Smarts + 30 *
Slugger Slugging +30 * Dumbbells


Bench Presses

Speedy Running + 30 * Forward Bends
Spinning it Pitch + 30 * Forkball Drill

Shootball Drill
Cutter Drill
Changeup Drill

Spot On Control + 30 * Target Practice
Attention Seeker Powers up when own team has more supporters **
Batting Eye BB rate up, strike-out rate down ** Bunting Posture
Captain Boost to all abilities (1 per team) **
Initially Available [1]
Eagle Eye Batting + 100 ** Swinging
Bunt Class
Hypersonic Pitch Speed + 100 ** Correct Posture
Intellectual Smarts + 100 **
Magic Ball Pitch + 100 ** Sinker Drill
Cutter Drill
Powerhouse Slugging + 100 ** Dumbbells


Sprinter Running + 100 ** Forward Bends
Surgical Precision Control + 100 ** Shadow Pitching
Pitching/Defense (Red)
Name Effect Stars Obtained from
LHB Destroyer Strong against left-handed batters ** Bird Shooter
Target Practice
RHB Destroyer Strong against right-handed batters ** Bird Shooter
Changeup Drill
Target Practice

Ball Throwing

Sturdy Savior Speedy thows when defending **
Terrific Footwork Great at positioning **
Troubleshooter Performs well in risky situations ** Bird Shooter
Changeup Drill

Focus Training

Well-Paced Supports the batting lineup ** Focus Training
Defender Excels at Defense ***
Powerthrow Pitcher High Pitch Speed, low control ***
Precision Master High Control, Low Pitch Speed *** Focus Training
Strike-Out Expert Higher strike-out rate ***
Wizard Pitcher Excels at tricky pitches. *** Shootball Drill
Cutter Drill


  1. Dan Daley initially has the Captain skill. It cannot be changed until Dan or the current holder of the Captain skill has released by their third year in school.