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Skills are special effects all villagers have that effect battle (except Strong Back). Skills can not be changed, only leveled up (except for "Arrowproof", which changes as it levels up).


Skills with a target of "self" on affect the unit with the skill, while "group" effects everyone of their unit type. Unit type of "Ranged" is Archer or Gunner, and "Melee" is Infantry or Cavalry.

Note: Skills of same type do not stack on same unit type.

Name Target Effect Best Unit Type Villagers with Skill
Strong Back Self Villagers with this skill carry more raw materials. Worker Maruko
Attack Up 1-4 Self Increases attack by 10/15/20/25% All Anmit Kongo Mogami Toyoto
Rapid Shot 1-3 Self Attacks with bow/gun twice for _ rounds. Ranged Fukuyo Dorifu Akaga Oshiya
Chain Attack 1-4 Self Attacks with sword/spear twice for _ attacks. Infantry Jon Yotoe Nakano Takena Date Miyamo Tsuchinoko (lvl 3 - Infantry)
Defense Up 1-3 Self Increases defense by 10/15/20. Melee Enoki Tagawa Yokoya Momo Manpu Ninoud Karuka Shioka
Arrowproof /
Bulletproof /
Self Takes no damage from arrows / bullets / both.
Arrowproof upgrades to Bullet which upgrades to projectile.
Infantry / Gunner Inuzu Nishiz
Strategy 1-5 Group Unit type attack increased 5/10/15/20/25%. All Asaryu Sasa Kimura Shishi Oda Bearing Wolf (lvl 2 - Infantry)
Melee Resist 1-4 Group Decreases damage from Infantry by 5/10/15/20%. Melee Anzu Shimaz Iga Bear (lvl 2 - Calvary) Crow (lvl 1 - Infantry)
Bullet Resist 1-4 Group Decreases damage from Gunners by 5/10/15/20%. Melee Jinguji Momia Galapa Komori Ishida
Arrow Resist 1-4 Group Decreases damage from Archers by 5/10/15/20%. Gunners or All Shaku Oniga Haya Ishika Wild Boar (lvl 1 - Calvary)
Horse Resist 1-5 Group Decreases damage from Cavalry by 5/10/15/20/25%. Melee Karasu Edajim Shalala Kamits Chimpa
Dog Dash Group Infantry movement speed increases Infantry Ninja Dog (Infantry)