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Overview Edit

Sponsors give financial support and items to the resort. At first, only 1 sponsor can be contracted at a time. This number can be increased later to a max 3 sponsors at a time.

Sponsors generally unlock according the resort rank. Although some sponsors has some other unlock requirements.

Sponsors' contract last for a certain number of months. Some sponsors has a longer contract spans than others. During the length of the contract, sponsors may rondomly give gifts in the form of items or money.

At the end of the contract, sponsors will give at most 3 - 4 gifts that are a combination of money and some items. The gifts given by a sponsor will depend on the current relation with the sponsor and the performance with the sponsor during the contract period.

Relationship with the sponsors usually increased automatically during the contract. A relation boost will occur if the player participate in contests. Winning contests also give bigger boosts to the relationship to the contracted sponsors. Using equipments and boost items that are associated with the sponsor also give an additional boost with the sponsor.

Sponsors will also give 3 specific rewards depending their relation with the resort. The 1st reward will always be given when a sponsor form a contract for the 1st time. The 2nd reward will be given when a sponsor has a 50% relation and the last reward will be given when a sponsor has a 100% relation. These rewards are only available once per playthrough.

In Hard mode, building relation with sponsors takes 2-3 times longer than in normal mode.

Sponsors List Edit

Name Length Effect Rewards Contests Item Random Gifts Gifts Unlocked
Dream Tours 2 Financial Support Comment Box
Skiing Vacations
Dark Bean Café
Hot Coffee
(Recovers 50% HP)
7,000G 200,000G
10x Meltwater
15x Wheat Flour
15x Coffee Beans
After Y0M12? Or after flower display? Or Round tree?
School Ski Club 2 Chance to obtain random materials Snowbell
Crepe Store
Arcade Game
Old Letter
(Boost +1)
2x Boulder
2x Snow

2x Wood

5x Wood
10x Boulder
10x Snow
After Y1M2? popularity over 200?
G'night Beds 2 Bonus to guest facilities Spacious Room
Ladies' Day
Cheery Plant Research
Snowy Pillow
(Recovers 50% HP)
10x Chocolates
10x Chocolates
5x Wash Tickets
after Y1M5? build ATM?
Skis & More Store 3 Get upgrade items, bonus to skis Ski Research Lv 1
Ski Research Lv 2
Ski Research Lv 3
Energy Drink (Boost +1) 3x Hydro Coating 200,000G
10x Survey Form
5x Crude Oil
5x Iron
after Y2m12?
SNO-Board Superstore 3 Get upgrade items, bonus to skis Board Research Lv 1
Board Research Lv 2
Board Research Lv 3
Collectible Coin
(Energy +4)
3x Hydro Coating 200,000G
10x Survey Form
5x Iron
5x Wood
Outdoors Generation 3 Get upgrade items, bonus to skis Sled Research Lv 1
Sled Research Lv 2
Sled Research Lv 3
Alpine Chocolate
10x Survey Form
5x Sand
5x Wood
Travel Mag Publisher 3 Event Activates after a time Lobby Table
Photo Booth
5x Photo
10x Photo
10x Photo
Clover Farm 2 Bonus to restaurants Chicken Coop
Sheep Barn
Cow Barn
Natural Yogurt
(Energy +5)
10x Eggs
10x Meat
10x Meat
Sakura Shrine 2 Get fortunes Offering Box
Lucky Charm
(5s Aura)
Ultra Luck (Rare) 500G
10x Fern Shoots
10x Butterbur
Snowman Protection Club 3 Bonus to entertainment facilities Large Snowman
Dragon Statue
Snowman Display
Snowman Heart
(5s Aura)
10x Snow
10x Wheat Flour
10x Wheat Flour
After Y2M11, build 12 Snowmans.
Will only appear in Ski Season.
Polar Bear Fashion 3 Bonus to rental shops Kit Research Lv 1
Kit Research Lv 2
Kit Research Lv 3
Fashionable Beads
(5s Aura)
5x Survey Form
5x Survey Form
5x Survey Form
Bear's Den 2 Get random materials & food Eat Wild Shop
Large Fireplace
Barrel, Flower Barrel
(Energy +5)
5x Seafood 150,000G
20x Top-Shelf Tins
10x Seafood
10x Seafood
Agriculture Services 3 Get random materials & food Veggie Planter
Sledding Sack
Vineyard & Mill
Deep-Fried Veg
(Restores 50% HP)
10x Vegetables

5x Rice

5x Vegetables
20x Rice
20x Rice
Santa Claus 3 Get upgrade materials; winter-only Kids' Play Area
Kiddies' Day
Large Fir
(Boost +3)
5x Christmas Gift
Town Mayor 4 Financial Support Town Renewal
Train Schedule
Broadcast Tower
Lucky Figurine
50,000G 700,000G
20x Meltwater
20x Top-Shelf Tins
20x Seafood
4,000 Pop
Rank 7?
Yeti Squad 4 Get random materials Mountain Shelters
Y-Squad Hat
Yeti Kit
Happy Doll
(Boost +5)
5/10/15X Crude Oil

1x Starpiece

20x Wildflowers
20x Crude Oil
10x Brown Rock
Big Eyes Observatory 6 Financial Support Weather Radar
(8s Aura)
50x Coffee Beans
30x Rice
5x Iron
Rank 8

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