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Building Edit

You need to have a Construction Site to build anything that is not categorized at "Environment". Upgrading anything also requires a Construction Site. Any structure must be built connected to a road to function, except for environmental structures.

Removing or initiating an action on any upgrading facilities will consume resources. The timer will be stopped and stored. However, to avoid potential bugs, it is best not to remove or initiate any actions on such buildings.


When you relocate them, you can see some color tiles around the selected environment structure, which are:

  • Yellow: 100%, adjacent of the selected structure
  • Yellow-green: 50%, corner of the selected structure
  • Green: 25%, 1 more tile from the adjacent of shown yellow tiles
  • Cyan and Blue: 10%

Any up-gradable environment structures can be upgraded with G. Maximum level is listed instead of a list of prices, because the list will be long. "W" stands for width, and "L" stands for length, assuming that the front view comes from the left corner.

Name Build Cost Size
Env Boost
Lv 1 (LvMax)
Shop Price Notes Description
Exhibition Hall (Grand Prix Story 2) Exhibition Hall 1,000 1x1 5 (5) 240 GP Here you can display replicas of owned vehicles
Construction Site (Grand Prix Story 2) Construction Site 1,000 1x1
102,000 Enables you to construct facilities. The more you have, the quicker the work goes.
Clover (Grand Prix Story 2) Clover 300 1x1 3 (3) Improves nearby environment.
Grove (Grand Prix Story 2) Grove 500 1x1 5 (5) 1,250 Improves nearby environment.
Hydrangea (Grand Prix Story 2) Hydrangea 500 1x1 10 (10) 4,250 Improves nearby environment.
Flowerbed (Grand Prix Story 2) Flowerbed 800 1x1 12 (12) 9,250 Improves nearby environment.
Maple (Grand Prix Story 2) Maple 2,000 1x1 14 (14) 16,250 Improves nearby environment.
Cherry Tree (Grand Prix Story 2) Cherry Tree 2,000 1x1 16 (16) 25,250 Improves nearby environment.
Cedar (Grand Prix Story 2) Cedar 2,500 1x1 18 (18) 36,250 Improves nearby environment.
Christmas Tree (Grand Prix Story 2) Christmas Tree 6,000 1x1 30 (30) Improves nearby environment.
Bronze Statue (Grand Prix Story 2) Bronze Statue 1,500 1x1 15 (15) 16,250 Improves nearby environment.
Fountain (Grand Prix Story 2) Fountain 20,000 1x2 26 (26) 49,250 Improves nearby environment.
Clocktower (Grand Prix Story 2) Clocktower 25,000 1x1 32 (32) Improves nearby environment.
Kairobot Statue (Grand Prix Story 2) Kairobot Statue 100,000 2x2 40 (40) Win Masterclass GP <TeamName>, become a legend!
Wairobot Statue (Grand Prix Story 2) Wairobot Statue 200,000 2x2 50 (50) Win Super Masterclass GP Hey <TeamName>. Heh heh!
Sally Prin Statue (Grand Prix Story 2) Sally Prin Statue 300,000 2x2 60 (60) Win Ultra Masterclass GP <TeamName>, you're amazing!
Stylish Castle (Grand Prix Story 2) Stylish Castle 50,000 2x2 25 (47) 1,200 GP Improves nearby environment.Create a castle town!
Kairo Boss (Grand Prix Story 2) Kairo Boss 10,000 1x1 12 (29) 315 GP Improves nearby environment.
Pyraplex Pyramid (Grand Prix Story 2) Pyraplex Pyramid 25,000 2x2 20 (40) 1,200 GP An ancient pyramid complex that used to be a popular tourist destination.
Energy Shroom (Grand Prix Story 2) Energy Shroom 30,000 1x1 18 (38) 1,000 GP Greatly boosts Environment.
Penguin Sisters (Grand Prix Story 2) Penguin Sisters 12,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP Cute. Boosts Environment.
Polar Bear Family (Grand Prix Story 2) Polar Bear Family 20,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP

Adorable. Boosts Environment.

Seal Bros (Grand Prix Story 2) Seal Bros 8,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP Adorable. Boosts Environment.
Bearington Blimp (Grand Prix Story 2) Bearington Blimp 2,500 1x1 8 (24) 315 GP Bearington's blimp which has flown all the way here from Venture Towns.
Ramen Bowl (Grand Prix Story 2) Ramen Bowl 10,000 2x2 18 (38) 1,500 GP Improve nearby Environment with some yummy noodles in delicious thick broth.
Fish Tank (Grand Prix Story 2) Fish Tank 20,000 2x2 20 (40) 1,200 GP A tank full of fish from Fish Pond Park.
Ski Resort Lady (Grand Prix Story 2) Ski Resort Lady 2,500 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP This very relaxed lady on vacation gracefully improves nearby Environment.
Chill-Out Sally Prin (Grand Prix Story 2) Chill-Out Sally Prin 3,000 1x1 15 (33) GP Kairobot started doing catalogue sales. Register and something good may happen.
Massive Tree (Grand Prix Story 2) Massive Tree 5,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP Not a legendary tree but it's just so huge!
Colossal Cake (Grand Prix Story 2) Colossal Cake 5,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP A huge cake made by Bonbon Cakery. Improves nearby Environment.
Koala Bros (Grand Prix Story 2) Koala Bros 3,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP Koalas that simply love watching car races. See if you can meet them at a race!
Moona the Cow (Grand Prix Story 2) Moona the Cow 8,000 2x1 12 (29) 600 GP Bring a bucolic atmosphere whenever it goes. Improving nearby Environment.
Chimpan G Heli (Grand Prix Story 2) Chimpan G Heli 4,500 1x1 8 (24) 315 GP Chimpan G in a helicopter, straight out of Venture Towns.
Humpy the Camel (Grand Prix Story 2) Humpy the Camel 8,000 1x2 12 (29) 600 GP A Bactrian camel that's really into car racing. Maybe you'll meet it at a race!
Space Shuttle (Grand Prix Story 2) Space Shuttle 10,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP A pinnacle of technology. Environment-improving space shuttle.
Bunny Trampoline (Grand Prix Story 2) Bunny Trampoline 13,000 1x1 18 (38) 1,000 GP A cute trampoline from Biz Builder Delux that boosts nearby Environment.
Vista Tower (Grand Prix Story 2) Vista Tower 14,000 1x1 12 (29) 600 GP Go up for an awesome view. Boosts nearby Environment.
Skyhigh Tower (Grand Prix Story 2) Skyhigh Tower 50,000 2x2 30 (54) 3,000 GP You can see very far from the top. Share via SNS to make Kairobot happy.
Beckoning Cat (Grand Prix Story 2) Beckoning Cat 2,500 1x1 12 (29) Raffle Exclusive The surrounding environment UP from the cute little cat. The one in the left hand seems to be female.
Torii (Grand Prix Story 2) Torii 10,000 2x1 12 (29) Raffle Exclusive Surrounding environment UP by the beautiful red Torii gate. The color is a bit off, so use it well.
Passenger Car (Grand Prix Story 2) Passenger Car 30,000 2x1 12 (29) Raffle Exclusive A wonderful passenger car from Station Manager. It will be cool if you line up with a steam locomotive.
Cat&#039;s meeting place (Grand Prix Story 2) Cat's meeting place 8,000 2x2 15 (33) Rafflle Exclusive Surrounding environment UP by these cutety cats! I wish I had such a place near my house.
Mt. Fuji (Grand Prix Story 2) Mt. Fuji 250,000 2z2 18 (38) Raffle Exclusive Surrounding environment UP by the beauty of Mt. Fuji. You have a world heritage!
Totem pole (Grand Prix Story 2) Totem pole 15,000 1x1 12 (29) Raffle Exclusive Environmental UP by the totem poles from Pocket Academy 2. A masterpiece made by a national treasure craftsman.
Union Kairobot!! (Grand Prix Story 2) Union Kairobot!! 500,000 2x2 20 (40) Raffle Exclusive Surrounding environment UP from the powerful Kairobot. Looks strong, but can barely walk.
Panda zoo (Grand Prix Story 2) Panda zoo 30,000 2x2 15 (33) Raffle Exclusive Surrounding environment UP by the cute panda. Seem like 4 of them are plush toys.
Dancing Kairobot (Grand Prix Story 2) Dancing Kairobot 100 1x1
500 GP The dancing Kairobot statue spreads around happiness.
Dancing Wairobot (Grand Prix Story 2) Dancing Wairobot 100 1x1
500 GP The dancing Wairobot statue brings a smile to everyone around.
Dancing Sally Prin (Grand Prix Story 2) Dancing Sally Prin 100 1x1
500 GP The dancing Sally Prin statue brightens up the day for everyone.
GP Bronze Statue (Grand Prix Story 2) GP Bronze Statue 100 1x1
Congrats on winning Golden GP!
GP Silver Statue (Grand Prix Story 2) GP Silver Statue 100 1x1
Congrats on your 2nd Golden GP victory!
GP Gold Statue (Grand Prix Story 2) GP Gold Statue 100 1x1
Congrats on winning the final Golden GP!

Storage Edit

Name Build Cost Type Capacity
Lv 1 (Lv Max)
Store Price Description
Fuel Tank (Grand Prix Story 2) Fuel Tank 1,000 Fuel 33.8 (8,014.8) 6,000
Large tank for storing fuel, which is needed for racing.
Nitro Tank (Grand Prix Story 2) Nitro Tank 1,000 Nitro 52.9 (917.1) Large tank for storing nitro gas, which is used for boosts during racing.
Grain Silo (Grand Prix Story 2) Grain Silo 1,000 Grain 3,303 (784,140) 18,000
300 GP
Large silo for storing grain, which can be fed to egg-laying chickens.
Warehouse (Grand Prix Story 2) Warehouse 2,000 Items 10 (60) 6,000
Storage facility for parts and items. Excess objects are collected at regular intervals.
Garage (Grand Prix Story 2) Garage 3,000 Cars 10 (23) 18,000
Garage for the cars you manufactured.

Facility Edit

Name Build Cost Produces Capacity
Lv 1 (Lv Max)
Store Price Notes Description
Astro Rocket (Grand Prix Story 2) Astro Rocket 30,000 Research
4 (17) 600 GP Galactic explorers will get you research data. Check out Epic Astro Story they're from!
Cruise Ship (Grand Prix Story 2) Cruise Ship 1,000 Fuel 8.4 (439.6) 500 GP Have the sea dogs from High Sea Saga gets you some fuel. Check out the app they're from!
Dungeon Castle (Grand Prix Story 2) Dungeon Castle 25,000 Fuel 16.9 (879.2) 1,000 GP A castle from Dungeon Village. Check out that app, it's cool!
Secret Hero Base (Grand Prix Story 2) Secret Hero Base 24,000 Research
10 (44) 1,500 GP Get research data from the secret base of Legends of Heropolis. Check out the app too!
Amusement Town (Grand Prix Story 2) Amusement Town 30,000 Fuel 8.4 (439.6) 500 GP An amusement park which mysteriously generates fuel.
Super Fami-Ko (Grand Prix Story 2) Super Fami-Ko 18,000 Research
6 (26) 600 GP A retro game console that produces research data.
Steam Locomotive (Grand Prix Story 2) Steam Locomotive 80,000 Fuel 8.4 (439.6) Raffle ExclusiveA wonderful locomotive that carries fuel from the Station Manager. If you do not mind, get the app and play around!
Great Daibutsu (Grand Prix Story 2) Great Daibutsu 150,000 Research
4 (17) Raffle ExclusiveThank you very much for your research data~. If you do not mind, get the app and play around!
Arena (Grand Prix Story 2) Arena 40,000 Research
4 (17) Raffle ExclusiveSeafood!! A research data that came from the Sushi Spinnery. If you do not mind, get the app and play around!
Monkey hot spring (Grand Prix Story 2) Monkey hot spring 60,000 Fuel 8.4 (439.6) Raffle ExclusiveNatural hot spring came from Shiny Ski Resort. If you do not mind, get the app and play around!
FA-7 Sky fighter (Grand Prix Story 2) FA-7 Sky fighter 60,000 Fuel 8.4 (439.6) Raffle Exclusive The resource came from Skyforce Unite. If you do not mind, get the app and play around!
Refinery (Grand Prix Story 2) Refinery 500 Fuel 33.8 (1,758.5) 6,000
Pumps up fuel from underground. Tap fuel to collect it.
Nitro Plant (Grand Prix Story 2) Nitro Plant 10,000 Nitro 10.5 (59.9) Fractures rocks to extract nitro gas. Tap the gas to collect it.
Vending Machine (Grand Prix Story 2) Vending Machine 600 Money 9,500 (59,000) 2,000
Sells a wide range of items, generating income.
Canteen (Grand Prix Story 2) Canteen 5,000 Money 18,000 (113,000) Serves meals for the staff, generating some income.
City Car Factory (Grand Prix Story 2) City Car Factory 10,000 Money 24,000 (151,000) Manufactures cars to order, generating income.
Test Lab (Grand Prix Story 2) Test Lab 1,500 Research
20 (86) This is where researchers carry out experiments to obtain Research Data.
Museum (Grand Prix Story 2) Museum 4,000 Research
24 (100) Obtain Research Data by analyzing the team's records and past achievements.
Spa (Grand Prix Story 2) Spa 8,000 Research
30 (120) Obtain Research Data while relaxing.
Chimpan Z Lab (Grand Prix Story 2) Chimpan Z Lab 4,000
Staffed by lots of brainiacs. Develops new technologies.
Chicken Coop (Grand Prix Story 2) Chicken Coop 1,000 Quality (Eggs) 8 (1,200) Feed grain to chickens and they'll lay eggs. Compete against other teams to win grain.
Training Center (Grand Prix Story 2) Training Center 5,000 Edu (Mechanics) 20 (1,000) A gym with all the latest exercise machines. Levels up mechanics.
Admin Office (Grand Prix Story 2) Admin Office 3,000 Adv 10 (28) Get deals with sponsors and they'll reward you based on performances at races.
Design Office (Grand Prix Story 2) Design Office 12,000 Car Design 5 (44) This is where new car designs are drafted. Improves car designs.
Wind Tunnel (Grand Prix Story 2) Wind Tunnel 20,000 Wind Tunnel 5 (44) New cars can be tested in the wind tunnel to check how aerodynamic they are.
Test Track (Grand Prix Story 2) Test Track 30,000 Test Run 5 (44) Test run new cars to obtain performance data.
Circuit Simulator (Grand Prix Story 2) Circuit Simulator 10,000 On-road circuits 10 (75) Test run vehicles on a circuit. Grants a qualificaton race bonus for on-road courses.
Rally Simulator (Grand Prix Story 2) Rally Simulator 10,000 Off-road circuits 10 (75) Test run vehicles on a rally course. Grants a qualification race bonus for off-road courses.
Icy Road Simulator (Grand Prix Story 2) Icy Road Simulator 10,000 Icy Circuits 10 (75) Test run vehicles on icy surfaces. Grants a qualification race bonus for icy terrain courses.
Power Lab (Grand Prix Story 2) Power Lab 5,000 Spd 10 (36) Engine-tuning facility. Use it to boost speed for all your vehicles.
Training Lab (Grand Prix Story 2) Training Lab 5,000 Acc 10 (36) Power transmission-tuning facility. Use it to boost acceleration for all your vehicles.
Aero Lab (Grand Prix Story 2) Aero Lab 5,000 Aerodynamic 10 (36) Aerodynamic-tuning facility. Use it to make all your vehicles more aerodynamic.
Ad Agency (Grand Prix Story 2) Ad Agency 1,000 GP Medals 1 (16) Check out some ads to earn GP Medals. Upgrade to view more ads.

Note: All Raffle exclusive buildings are time limited.

Land Expansion Edit

There are 2 ways to expand the lands:

  • Expansion Permit: Expand your land's length by 2 units. Can be purchased from Swanky Shop once you achieve a certain Rank. The price will increase with each purchase. There is only one GP medals-purchasable permit from Swanky Shop.
  • Relocation: As you advance GP events, you will meet up with 2 special guests to give you the opportunity to relocate. The first relocation option is given when the player reaches rank 9, and the second relocation option is given when the player reaches rank 50. Accepting their offer by paying G through face-to-face or debit phone will expand your land's width by 1 unit. Each relocation will cost 20,000G and 3,000,000G respectively.