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Home Run High Guide

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You can unlock more students from winning school tournaments.

3rd year student will graduated and left school. However they'll enroll back later on as 1st year new student. All their stats are pretty much same as when they're left.

When student graduated you'll receive random items or even a Dorm.

confirmation needed: Tim Reeves' P, C, IF and OF forte changes against the Custom Character's forte.

Student Edit

Name Growth P C IF OF Hand Personality Like Unlock Condition
Aaron McGee F × × R Brilllant Batter Grapes Pinchmere High
Allan Berry D × × R Leader Beef Bowl Switch City High
Alfie Sharp C × R Destroyer Poached Egg Y3
Alwin Foller E L Gamer Coffee Fairness High
Andre Dunn B × × R Smiler Ice Cream
Ant Graves A × × R Bookworm Dango Slumpstead High
Arnold Rice D × × R Destroyer Rice Omelet Turf Town High
Blake Griffs C × × R Leader Coffee Y3
Brad Sander D × R Underdog Chocolate Mittford High
Brook Silva C × × × R Old Man Honey Scoreworth High
Bruce Dawson E × R Airhead Banana Hitworth High
Byron Watt B R Attention Hog Green Tea Spinney High
Carlos Haynes A × × × L Robust Runner White Radish Runmore High
Casey Olson B × R Old Man Chocolate Bar Triple Hills High
Chad Miles E × R Robust Runner Masala Spice Grounders High
Chris Rodrez F × × L Healer Cherry Mochi Gamefield High
Clyde Burke F R Hurrier Beef Steak Speedmore High
Cody Garden E × × R Bookworm Dango Moonshot Academy
Craig Beck B × R Destroyer Noodles Buntholm High
Daniel Martin F × L Mechanic Sports Drink Sunside High
Dennis Hardy C × R Brillant Batter Watermelon Slurveloch High
Dexter Watkin C × × × R Cool Dude White Radish Sports Central High
Donny Lyons F × × R Hurrier Beef Bowl Y2
Dustin Green F × × × R Big Eater Apple Batt Valley High
Dwight Banks A × × R Cool Dude Drop Candy Crawley High
Ed Wood C × R All Star Chocolate Greenglades High
Elmer Fuller B × R Destroyer Rice Ball Winhope High
Evan Keller F × × R Underdog Ice Cream Y2
Frank Hooper F × × × L Bookworm Apple Y1
Franky Holmes E × R Gamer Rice Ball Outdoor Academy
Gene Frazer B L Green Smoothie Airhead Mitting High
Guy Finch F × × L Fun Lover Noodles Blooping High
Harold Norris D × R Mechanic Watermelon Batminster High
Homer Muffin D × × R Old Man White Radish Y2
Isaac Fields D × R Panicker Grapes Walker Lane High
Jerome Highes D R Charmer Fish Freshdew High
Jessie Burton D × × R Hardworker Drop Candy Forkdale High
Joey Walsh A × × R Leader Spring Water Pengate High
Jose Lopez E × R Charmer Honey Diamond High
Joshua Baker E × × R Lover Dango High Hills High
Julian Snyder A × × R Panicker Honey Corked Canyon High
Karl Little C R Panicker Coffee Dashington High
Kyle Cox F × × R Perfect Pitcher Green Tea Sportville High
Larry Page B × × × L Brilliant Batter Beef Steak Dingeray High
Leo Fletch C R Airhead Poached Egg Walkerness High
Lester Tucker A R Hardworker Green Tea Athletic Academy
Luke Bowen D × × R Panicker Fish Y2
Marco Cohen B × × R Politician Green Smoothie Y4
Mark Hunter F × R Cool Dude Pumpkin Bunt Creek High
Mike Perez F R Lover Pumpkin Quicksilver High
Mitch Hoffer D × × R Fun Lover Poached Egg Winborne High
Morris Owens C R Lover Carrot Stitch Field High
Nathan Dixon E × R Leader White Radish Powers High
Neil Knight C × R Airhead Jumbo Sushi Strike Hills High
Norman Bailey F × × R Hurrier Fresh Milk Fieldstock Academy
Oliver Ramsey E × R Smiler Rice Omelet Y2
Pete Cross B × × R Leader Rice Omelet Y4
Ralph Miller D × × × R Cool Dude Fish Pitchers High
Ramon Flores B × × × R Healer Dango Safe River High
Randy Harper B × L Bookworm Cherry Mochi Battford High
Raul Dean A × × L Wrestler Watermelon Fastlane High
Res Surar S × × R Wrestler Beef Bowl Wrestlers
Robin Weaver E × × L Mechanic Spring Water Hitting Hills High
Rodney Todd F × R Big Eater Rice Ball Y1
Roger Hill E × × R Big Eater Rice Ball Sluggers High
Ross Lane S × R Masala Spice Robust Runner Mendoza High
Rudy Reese B × × R Cool Dude Fish
Seth Smith C × × R Gamer Cherry Mochi Pitchburg High
Taylor Sutton D R Robust Runner Beef Steak Powerham High
Trevor Oldman D R Smiler Green Smoothie Y1
Troy Horton E × × R Healer Grapes Slugden High
Victor Lee D × R Healer Watermelon Strikers Academy
Walter Spoon F × × × L Hurrier Noodles Y1
Wesley Cole F × × R Perfect Pitcher Beef Steak Fieldview High
Willis Warner C × × R All-Star Sports Drink Y3
Brad Sander D × R Underdog Chocolate Bar Mittford High
Louis Mason F R Gamer Rice Omelet Starter
Bearing Ton S R Brilliant Batter Honey Bearington High
Ed Wood C × R All Star Chocolate Bar Greenglades High
Randy Harper B × L Bookworm Cherry Mochi Battford High
Mona Riley E × R Big Eater Fresh Milk Tie Town High
Jerome Hughes D R Charmer Fish Freshdew High
Dustin Green D × × × R Big Eater Apple Batt Valley High
Julio Alan E × R Attention Hog Pumpkin Foshton High
Kairo Bot S R All Star Mobile Game Kairo HIgh
Sally Prin S R Big Eater Jumbo Sushi Sally Prin High
Wairo Bot S × × R Politician Coffee Wairo Institute
Chimpan Z S × R Underdog Banana Chimpan High

Coach Edit

Coach activities will effect school activities, It'll change depend on which activities coach have.

Coach's Favorite Food will effect dorm meal, You can still select those food even after coach graduated and left school.

Name Food Effect Cost/Month Activities
Lily Balden Ramen Noodles Fresh Juice (50NtP)

Drum Drill (20FP)
Assistant Coach (65 SP)

Zoe Green Fried Noodles Noodle Party (58FP)

Voice Training (63Stp)
Form Check (49Stp)

Grace Payne Soba Noodles Cheerleading Practice (42FP)

Form Check (49Stp)
Fungo Assistance (21Stp)

Angel Wells Egg Rice Fresh Juice (50NP)

Drum Drill (20FP)
Cake Party (23FP)

Stella Price Sashimi Set Drum Drill (20FP)

Study Session (21StP)
Literature Essay (40StP)

Jasmine Heart Indian Curry 1,500 Cheerleading Practice (42FP)

Form Check (49SpP)
Assistant Coach (65 StP)

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