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Skill Consume StaminaEdit

Name Desc Stamina Power x Cost Unlock Condition
Blitz Charge without regard for safety 30 % 1.2 Learn from Ducky Franks on Earth

Skill Consume Info Point Attack One Row SelectedEdit

Name Desc Info Point Power x Cost Research Unlock Condition
Link Work together in a rolling attack 3 1.5
Initially Available
Jump Attack with a spinning Jump 7 2.2 100% Oceana
Head Hurl Attack with a flashy move 12 2.8
Kowtow Apologize wholeheartedly 18 3.1
Heartbreak Throw an ally, but feel bad about it. 25 3.5

Skill Consume Info Point Attack All RowEdit

Name Desc Info Point Power x Cost Unlock Condition
Halo Fist Unleash energy 50 3.2
Lightning Smite foes with lightning. 120 4.0
Meteor Rain meteors down for multiple hits. 350 ?


Name Desc Info Point Recovery Cost Unlock Condition
Bandage Recover 30% of HP and fuel. 10 30% Save Sally Prin in Cave (Earth)
Solder Recover all HP and 30% of fuel. 80 30% Save Sally Prin in
Glue Recover 50% of HP and fuel. 30 50% Save Sally Prin in
High Repair Recover all HP and 70% of fuel. 150 70 Save Sally Prin in

Buy info pointsEdit

Name Desc Gold Cost Unlock Condition
Moneybags Buy info points from monsters 1000G-???

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