• Hey, I've been curious if there are any missing Recurring characters that anyone knows of? I have a bunch of minor suspected ones, and was curious if anyone else had some suspected ones. (Note: Recurring between games, not within the same game).

    • Red Demon - Oh! Edo Towns / Venture Towns (in game files)?
    • Koala - Venture Towns (in game files)?
    • Kappa - BB (last ally), Kairobotica (name of a place on "Oceana").
    • Penguin - He's right on the main banner on! I also seem to recall seeing him other places on their website. But I've never seen him in a game.

    On a "related note", does anyone think the page should also contain "Recurring monsters/enemies"? Not individual pages (or rather on a case-by-case basis), but a table of character names / images, along with games played / descriptions. Or does this sound like a good idea, but on a new "Recurring enemies" page?

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    • I think Red Demon appear in NInja Village but I'm not so sure about that one.

      Koala appears in Kairobotica or Epic Astro Story i believe.

      Kappa appears many times as enemies though ... so not sure about him as recurring characters.

      Penguin i think i saw it on World Cruise Story ?.

      I'm not sure about making recurring enemies page. I don't think there's a worth mentioning them , no trivia or whatsoever.

      Oh and perhaps a missing recurring character is from Beastie Bay and Epic Astro Story. It's the doctor (forgot the name) that rides a mecha , appears a boss as some areas. I think he's worth putting in recurring characters ? Doubt will see the last of him.

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    • I have some images for some of these; I'll try and upload them when I get home (It'll make "confirming" easier).

      Do you remember in what capacity you saw the penguin?

      If not a separate page, might a table at the bottom of recurring characters page make sense? (kinda like the "failed" recurring names table).

      I really got to finish Epic Astro Story =p And if he's a boss in both, wouldn't that make him more of an enemy than a "character"?

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    • In Epic Astro Story, I think he was kinda brainwashed by wairobot , IIRC , at the last fight with him, he finally helped the player , in opening new planet to explore. At least that's what I remember. Sorry my memory's a bit hazy. Been a long time I've played those games.

      Same with the others I said, I could be wrong. The only thing I'm sure is the doctor thing.

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    • I'm wondering about a diffrent charcter. The girl with pink hair who appears reacurringly but i cant put a name on her I was wondering if she would have a spot on the charecter roster

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    • Oh yah, she's another one (the "pop star"/"idol", right?).

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    • I've added a "recurring enemies" section at the bottom of the recurring characters page. Thoughts welcome.

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    • what if Octopi (Epic Astro Story)?

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    • Feel free to add it! There's quite a few recurring enemies it seems, but I haven't played enough of their fighting games to really know which ones.

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    • Will do. Thank for review. I appreciate you doing your time.

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