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    15:17, November 13, 2017

    A new game has been released for the English players. It's a super hero management. Train your heros so they can overcome any evils.

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    • This is one of their weirder titles!

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    • What do you mean ? Is it because the theme is about sentais (power rangers in america)?

      Sentais/tokusatsus are practically part of a culture there already. Every year at least 2-4 sentais and tokusatsu series are made. And each of them usually runs weekly for a full year long. And this has been going for at least 30-40 years.

      Basically, if you're a children in Japan, your childhood are ,most likely than not, introduced to these shows. So a game with these theme is not exactly weird for Japanese imo.

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    • Sorry, I mean title as in text, as in "a weird name for the game".

      I have no issue with the game itself. I know power rangers is a big thing in Japan, and it's not just a Japanese thing, so there's nothing wrong with it.

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    • The "Legends" part is what doesn't make sense for me. Heropolis can be justified cause you actually building a town of heroes.

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    • I hate the game i just want to sit and watch now i have to tap for the hero to fight :(((

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